Proud day for Brackenfield School as they celebrate 40th Anniversary


Around 400 students and parents, both past and present of the school attended a garden party at Brackenfield School on Saturday, 20 May 2017.

The school was founded by Margie Sutcliffe in 1977. Helen and Anthony Comerford now run the school, following her retirement. The school has grown from strength to strength, maintaining the original values it was formed on.

Brackenfield School is on Duchy Road in Harrogate.

Principal, Anthony Comerford, said: This was a very special day for Brackenfield School and we were delighted that so many past Brackenfield families as well as present families were able to celebrate our 40th anniversary.


Headteacher, Pat Sowa and Principal, Anthony Comerford Brackenfield
Headteacher, Pat Sowa and Principal, Anthony Comerford


Headteacher, Pat Sowa, said: I am very privileged to be leading a school with such a strong heritage and I feel extremely proud of all the Brackenfield pupils both past and present who’s many talents do the school proud.



Mrs. Margie Sutcliffe, Founder: This was such a happy occasion and gave everyone a reminder of the school as it was and also a real taste of the well- equipped, efficient place of education it has become. The exhibition in the hall was the star attraction and choirs gave us all such a treat. My greatest sadness is that the day was all over so quickly!

I would like to thank the Brackenfield staff and pupils for their valuable teamwork in creating such a special day.



Mrs. Margie Sutcliffe unveils plaque
Mrs. Margie Sutcliffe unveils plaque



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