Changes to telephone numbers at Ripon Community Hospital

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Key telephone numbers at Community Hospital have changed as part of the installation of a more cost effective system.

and District NHS Foundation Trust, which run services at Ripon, has made the change.

Key changes are:

  • Main switchboard is now 01423 542900
  • Minor Injuries Unit is now 01423 542909
  • Trinity Ward is now 01423 542912 and 01423 542913
  • Physiotherapy is now 01423 542923

For all other departments people are advised to call the main switchboard.

While telephone numbers now have a Harrogate extension, they are still picked up by people at Ripon Community Hospital. It is more cost effective for the Trust to run everything through the main network at Harrogate District Hospital then back out to other sites using a computer network.

This way of working is more cost effective because less kit needs to be bought and fewer telephone lines are used for all the Trust’s different community sites.


Lorna McLean, Clinical Locality Manager at Ripon Community Hospital, said:

Changing over the telephone numbers, as part of planned upgrading of systems, is cost effective in the long term. We are encouraging members of the public to make a note of the new numbers in case they need them in the future.


People can also find information about Ripon Community Hospital on the Trust’s website:

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