Why having an online presence is key in business

From a business perspective the rise of the internet and social media has provided companies with a different platform to both showcase their products and as a way to interact and attract customers. Unsurprisingly 45.9m people in the UK had used the internet in the last 3 months, equating to 87.9% of the country and with figures like that it is inevitable that businesses use the power of the internet to reach a new audience. The way we use the internet and social media is also changing, with many people using their phones which again is something that firms should cater for.

An example of a successful business that has used the power of the internet and social media is Bedstar. They give you the chance to buy beds with a range of quality options and you can check what is new in at bedstar here. They are an example of how we shop has changed. From beds, to groceries to clothes, many of us will choose to do our shopping online and it is a market that is only growing. That highlights how important having an online presence is for a company, even if the actual purchase isn’t completed online, a lot of people will browse the internet before they go into a shop. Another obvious benefit is that it doesn’t restrict your advertising, if you have a website online, or a social media presence such as a Facebook page, then it can be viewed from all over the world, never mind just your location in the UK. Social media is also a good way of interacting with customers, if you can create a respectable page you can interact and provide good customer service through your online presence which will only increase your brand reputation.

As we have seen with both our internet usage statistics and the online shopping growth, us and the internet is only something that’s going to grow. As future generations are brought up using the internet and technological devices they will become accustomed to the internet and will be surrounded by the power of online. It’s also a pivotal tool to just keep in touch with the competition, 91% of brands use more than one social media platform from the many that are out there. That is again because of the reach it has, you can create a brand loyalty and increase awareness, and it’s all for free! Setting up a Facebook page, a Twitter profile or showing pictures of your products on Instagram is the best way to interact and attract and it won’t cost a penny so it has to be the base of any new or existing firm that wants to grow.

Overall the internet and social media has given businesses a major platform to deliver their product to a worldwide audience, and it’s only going to grow. It offers no restrictions and is such an easy way to try and build a trusted customer base that will help your reputation. With the next generation growing up surrounded by social media and the internet, it will only become the norm, quite simply, having an online presence is a must for any aspiring or current business.

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