Lockwoods investment in new kitchens

7 April 2016

After extensive renovation, Lockwood’s newly refurbished kitchen is open.

After ten successful years, Lockwoods has conducted a £50,000 renovation of its kitchen to create a space that can cater for the increase in business over the last decade, and to make the kitchen much more environmentally friendly.

Owner Matthew Lockwood has invested over £50,000 into the project, giving a much bigger, more streamlined and efficient working space. The new kitchen has environmentally friendly cookers, which only heat when pans are placed on them, therefore producing less heat, so providing a better working environment for the chefs; and a dedicated area for recycling.

Matthew said:

In the last decade Lockwood’s turnover has grown over 25% and our covers have increased from 250 to 750 a week, yet the kitchen has remained the same.

Our chefs have worked hard to make the space deliver top quality food for our customers; but eventually we had to close and renovate.

Over the space of two weeks we knocked down walls, rebuilt and hugely improved our kitchen. We opened in time for one of our busiest weekends. In fact, we only shut for a few days and managed to serve our tapas menu during the renovations.

Matthew said that diners had been very understanding, and that they had still been busy despite all the work going on.


During this time Matthew has also recruited and trained new staff, including a chef and restaurant manager.

Matthew said:

We will keep our classic, local and seasonal dishes which celebrate the enormous riches available on our doorstep, while continuing to place importance on the personal touch in a relaxed and caring atmosphere. That’s what Lockwoods is all about.

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