Skipton and Ripon unemployment figures fall

17 March 2016

Julian Smith MP has welcomed new figures released which show the employment rate has hit another record high of 31.42 million people in work, while the claimant count is at its lowest in over four decades.

Skipton and Ripon saw the claimant count drop by 118 from February 2015 to just 360.  This accounts for a 71% reduction in unemployment since 2010.  Across Yorkshire and the Humber, employment is up 147,000 since 2010, with 2.5 million people in work.

Julian Smith MP said:

It is great to see more people in work, more people with the security of a pay packet at the end of the month, and more security for our families across Skipton and Ripon.

The Government is committed to driving down unemployment and we have seen very positive progress over the course of the last few years.

In addition, it is very encouraging news that there are over 1 million more women in work since 2010, with the female employment rate at record high of 69.1 per cent.


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