Agile Group Business Development Manager Steven Cox
Agile Group Business Development Manager Steven Cox

Agile Group provide Sycamore Business Park with internet connectivity

7 March 2016

A North East ICT provider has done what many other companies previously could not and delivered an effective internet connection to a growing business park.

Agile Group have installed a dedicated 200MB leased line connection into Sycamore Business Park in Ripon, allowing tenants unrivalled internet access.

Located in a rural area, Sycamore Business Park has struggled with internet connection for their tenants for a number of years. Leading ICT and internet supplier Agile Group quickly analysed the issue and identified a solution that could help to combat these problems.

An 8 week project was undertaken whereby Agile Group would bring in a high speed leased lined connection that could be shared amongst a number of businesses.

Usually, this type of solution is found in medium to large companies and used as a dedicated connection purely for a single business. However, the highly skilled engineers at Agile Group used the latest technology to be able to offer a shared connection.

Ross Chapman, Sycamore Business Park Owner, said:

This solution is one we’ve needed for a long time now and Agile Group have effectively delivered a solution that will help the tenants here considerably.

Launch of the solution has seen 30 businesses utilise the connection for their own requirements. The leased line connection that exists at Sycamore Business Park now allows the tenant’s access to sophisticated technology that was previously unavailable; it makes Cloud Computing easily accessible and gives the option of utilising VoIP solutions for their telecoms; whilst it will also increase the productivity and efficiency of staff.

Agile Group Business Development Manager, Steven Cox added:

We had been talking with individual tenants and quickly identified a widespread issue.

A number of tenants on the park made it clear that the existing internet solution was not fit for purpose and our product portfolio meant we were able to provide a solution to accommodate this.

Agile Group are in talks with a number of other business parks within the North East about rolling out the solution to more locations. The solution can be replicated and accommodated to suit, allowing high quality reliable internet connectivity to become the norm on business parks and industrial estates.

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