Crime Commissioner lends a hand at Harrogate-based mental health charity Claro Enterprises

North Yorkshire and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan joined clients Keith and Colin on the production line at mental health Claro Enterprises.

The charity provides more than 400 sessions a week at which people with mental health problems can join in projects, such as making boxes, electrical components or party gift packs.

Both Keith, left, and Colin are pictured with Julia as they glue pieces of MDF together to make tissue box holders. The holders are sold to craft stores around the country and are bought by people to be painted at home.


Charity chairman Colin Reid said:

Our clients come here for companionship, work experience and also to do something that gives real structure and purpose to their lives.

They produce a range of goods and services – often for local companies – and in return they get a wholesome lunch and a small wage. Many of our clients have been with us for years and we know that the time they spend with us plays a big role in helping them stay healthy and well.



Julia said:

More than 40 per cent of police incidents involve people with mental health problems who are experiencing some sort of crisis. So it’s great to see work going on which is about preventing those crises and giving people a platform for creating a structured, stable and sociable lifestyle.

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