Review: Who Shot the Sheriff at Harrogate Theatre

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Harorgate Youth Theatre’s production of “Who shot the sheriff – a tale of Robin Hood & Maid Marian” opened yesterday and is set to run until 8 August 2015.

The production features a cast of 12 to 18 year at , along with Tim Stedman as the sheriff. Tim is well known for playing Buttons on many a Panto.

The script has been commissioned from -based performance poet, theatre-maker and playwright Henry Raby, a Youth Theatre graduate himself.

Raby’s vision is that Robin Hood and his men are more a bunch of merry kids than merry men, along with the bravery of young people.

The performance is interspersed with the cast singing Bob Marley’s I shot the Sheriff, accompanied by a mandolin.

The show was great fun, with lots to keep the attention of the younger theatre goer as well as a few jokes to keep the older theatre goer entertained.

We went with a 7 and 9 year old (for expert comment), the 7-year-old loved the big sword fight and the 9-year-old loved it when the Sheriff got shot.

It was great family show and very well done by all the performers of the Harrogate Youth Theatre.



To book tickets, visit the Harrogate Theatre’s website




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