Application is approved to add cycle storage and crossings on Stray land

5 October 2014

Harrogate Borough Council has approved three applications from North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) which will improve the cycling network and facilities on Stray land.

NYCC have been working on a sustainable package of works in Harrogate through the Department for Transports Local Sustainable Transport Fund. The measures are aimed at supporting the continued economic development of Harrogate through the reduction in traffic congestion and the promotion and implementation of sustainable traffic options.

The applications to create four cycle storage areas in various locations across the town, a safe crossing facility on Skipton Road (A59) linking the cycle route between Claro Road and the town centre, and a short cycle/footpath link to Harrogate District Hospital from the footpath that connects Willaston Road to Wetherby Road, were approved by Councillor Phil Ireland, Cabinet Member for the Environment, Transport and External Affairs at a portfolio meeting on Monday 29th September.

Due to the proposals affecting Stray land, which is owned by the Duchy of Lancaster and protected by Act of Parliament, Harrogate Borough Council as Managers of the Stray needed to determine whether NYCC’s application should receive consent under the Harrogate Stray Act 1985.

Councillor Phil Ireland, Cabinet Member for the Environment, Transport and External Affairs said: While Harrogate Borough Council is supportive of measures aimed at encouraging more environmentally friendly modes of transport such as cycling, on this occasion our responsibility was not to make a judgement on North Yorkshire’s proposed scheme, it was to determine whether their application was compliant under the Harrogate Stray Act.

As its custodian, it is important that we ensure that any proposed works do not adversely affect Stray land. We have carefully considered North Yorkshire County Council’s applications and have determined that the proposals do not breach the council’s main duty to maintain and preserve the appearance of the Stray, and have therefore granted consent. These works will extend Harrogate’s cycling network and cycling facilities which have developed over many years to provide links to the town centre and major residential areas.

North Yorkshire County Council will be carrying out consultation on the detailed elements of all these schemes in the near future and delivery of all these projects is planned by the financial years end (April 2015).

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