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Four rescued from flat fire in Harrogate

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-crews from , Knaresborough and attended a on Dragon View, Road, – 1 Oct 2014 at 00:49

The was to a converted Victorian house and four adults were rescued.

The premises which comprised two flats was heavily smoke logged after a fire started in the ground floor flat. It is believed that the fire commenced in a cupboard housing a boiler.

A smoke alarm alerted the occupants who then called 999 and were given fire survival advice from the fire control operator as it was soon established that the four residents, all aged late 20s, could not evacuate the premises.

On their attendance, within four minutes, fire-crews commenced the rescue of the four adults, by placing a triple extension ladder against the exterior of the property, and guiding all four, unharmed, to safety.

Two hose-reels were used to extinguish the fire, with smoke clearance and thermal image camera operations then carried out.

The Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Service attended to provide after incident support to the affected residents.

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