Defendant pleads guilty to York murder

7 April 2014

A man has today – Monday 7 April 2014 – been sentenced to 34 years’ imprisonment at Leeds Crown Court for a “brutal” York murder.

Jeremy Peter Andrew Green, 26, of Peter Lane, York (pictured above), pleaded guilty to the murder of Nicole (known as Nikki) Waterhouse, 32, and the attempted murder of Karen Browne, who was aged 23 at the time.

He subjected both women to horrendous acts of violence at their flat in Phoenix Boulevard, York, which was reported at about 8pm on Sunday 20 October 2013, which he initially attended with the intention of stealing money from them.

Green had been in a very brief relationship with Karen and because of this had, on occasion, also met Nikki.

After murdering Nikki with a knife and leaving Karen for dead with serious stab wounds, Green fled the scene. However Karen was able to inform the attending emergency services of Nikki and her attacker’s name after they had been called to the flat by a neighbour, who heard her cries for help.

Karen Browne
Karen Browne

Green was arrested at an address on Popes Head Court, York, at 2.20am on Monday 21 October 2013.

Karen Browne is continuing to recover from her injuries.

During the sentencing of Green, The Recorder of Leeds, Judge Peter Collier QC, commended the team who investigated the murder and attempted murder.

Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Costello, of North Yorkshire Police’s Major Crime Unit, led the murder investigation.

Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Costello said: I am satisfied with the sentence handed down by the court. It reflects the gravity of Green’s planning, his horrific physical and mental control of both Nikki and Karen over an eight and a half hour period, and then the gratuitous violence that ended Nikki’s life and which he intended would end Karen’s.

These were extremely brutal attacks on two defenceless women. On top of this, whilst at the flat and when Nikki and Karen would have been terrified as to their fate, he continued to contact numerous other women arranging dates via his mobile phone as if this was just any other normal day.

Jeremy Green lived a ‘fantasy life’ and he lied to anyone he conversed with. He told stories to make himself more appealing but in truth he is a callous, deceitful, manipulative, dishonest and self-centred individual.

Prior to his dishonorable discharge from the army, he had been trained for combat and since his dismissal remained physically fit, yet he still found it necessary to arm himself with a knife. Nikki and Karen were not confrontational and would have given Green money out of fear. Green had access to monies which were in his name, but he chose not to use this, rather taking from others which was a pattern throughout his life.

There are so many more people affected by Green’s actions that day who will never recover from the loss of their loved one. My thoughts at this time are with Nikki’s family and friends.

Green’s decision to plead guilty has spared Karen the trauma of giving evidence which would have meant reliving those dreadful events she endured and those she witnessed regarding her friend Nikki.

While this result can never bring Nikki back or compensate for the visible injuries and nightmares Karen has to battle, I hope that the outcome at court brings all those affected by the terrible events which occurred on that fateful day, a degree of closure and reassurance in the judicial system.

Statement from Nikki Waterhouse’s family

Nikki Waterhouse
Nikki Waterhouse

Speaking on behalf of Nikki’s family, her father John Waterhouse, said: The 20th of October (2013) was the worst day of our lives when our daughter Nikki was taken from us in a cruel, callous and cowardly act of murder.

Nikki was a sweet, kind girl who never did anyone any harm. She was loved without limits by her family and friends.

What she endured that day, we will have to endure for the rest of our lives.

We are a strong family who will move forward together and our love for each other will help us to continue without her.

We will always love Nikki and never forget her.

Thank you to the police for their professional support and going above and beyond the call of duty.

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