Love to Dance 3 at the Royal Hall – in pictures

10 February 2014

Chatsworth Dance Centre held their third production of Love to Dance the Royal Hall, Harrogate on Sunday 9 February 2014.

The last show was previously staged in 2012 and as a dance studio they continue to go from strength to strength since then.

Recent Achievements include

  • Emma Ryder and Lily Fearnley who performed in “Capelia” at Leeds Grand Theatre with the National Youth Ballet.
  • Amber Morley who is currently training with the Northern Ballet.
  • Georgina Morphet who is on the Elmhurst Ballet training course
  • Jo Halford who performed in The Sky One Show “Big Town Dance With Diversity”
  • Nicole Jackson and Lauryn Dean who were nominated for IDTA scholarship in 2013, as well as Lauryn and Nicholas Dickinson nominated for 2014.
  • Saskia Dean, Keeley Ezard, Jo Halford, Nicole Jackson and Molly Pridmore who successfully auditioned and performed to great acclaim in the Harrogate Theatre production of “Sleeping Beauty”.
  • Lizzie Cardwell, Lauryn Dean, Saskia Dean, Nicole Jackson and Molly Pridmore who were winners of the Senior Modern Jazz “That’s ShowBiz” West Yorkshire heat.
  • Ella Camponi (Miss Ella) choreographed a clothing commercial for Rio Ferdinand.
  • They also continue to achieve excellent exam results with the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) and we are delighted that Ann Atkinson has been nominated onto the North East IDTA Committee.

The team at Chatsworth Dance have also given their thanks to the 340 performers and the support given to all the helpers behind the scenes.

The show played to two packed houses, with more proud parents and grandparents than the Royal Hall has probably ever seen.

The first half had some of the shorter numbers and with a showcase of different dance styles.

Show running order

1. I Hope I Get It – Senior Modern

Originally from the musical (1975) and film (1985) “Chorus Line”. Music by Marvin Hamlisch, Lyrics by Edward Kleban.

Sophia Cotton, Lauryn Dean, Saskia Dean, Zoe Ellaby, Keeley Ezard, Anna Floyd, Amy Frost, Joanne Halford, Molly Pridmore, Emma Ryder, Megan Walmsley, Sophie Ward & Caitlin Wood.




2. Boogie Fever – Preparatory Modern & TheatreCraft

Originally recorded in 1975 by the Sylvers, featured in the 2010 film “Despicable Me”. Words & music by Freddie Perren and Kenneth St Lewis.

Eloise Abraham, Tilda Brayshay, Isobel Butcher, Meredith Craddock, Jack Green, Grace Hargreaves, Georga Hawkins, Jasmine Hunt, Amelie Hyder, Nyla Kent, Matilda Kershaw, Ayesha Laurie-Thomas, Isobel Leedham, Rosalynn Marcotte, Calvin Marx, Anna Runcorn, Jayden Sadler, Katie Turnbull, Elora Shaw, Chloe Williams, Millie Wilson & Katie Wyer.




3. You Should Be Dancing – Freestyle 6+ & Boys Class

Written and recorded in 1976 by the Bee Gees and featured in the 1977 film “Saturday Night Fever”. Also featured at the end of the 2010 film “Despicable Me”.

Milly Askew, Paul Atkinson, Tammy Basic, Amber-Jai Crane, Beth Davies, Flossie Davis, Lily Fearnley, Sophia Fenby, Harry Hobden, William Pearson, Phoebe Malcher, Evie Malik, Rose Moss, Josie Roberts, Katie Roberts, Kate Shay, Brandon Tunnicliffe, Brogan Tunnicliffe, Max Williams & Toby Williams.



4. Everything Old Is New Again – Primary Tap

Featured in the 1979 film “All That Jazz” and also the 1998 musical “The Boy from Oz”. Written by Peter Allen.

Olivia Barker, Silvanna Bradbourne, Olivia Bull, Meredith Craddock, Elazia Doudou Kavena, Sive Doudou Kavena, Kaitlyn Green, Matilda Kershaw, Leah-Louise Lea, Rebecca Rastrick, Elizabeth Robinson, Anna Runcorn, Teigan Stott, Emily Upson, Olivia Upson, Chloe Williams, Millie Wilson & Danika Wisson-Smith.



5. Too Much – Advanced Jazz

The original written and recorded by Sampha in 2013, later adapted by the rapper Drake

Lauryn Dean, Saskia Dean, Nicholas Dickinson, Natalie Gray, Joanne Halford, Nicole Jackson, Molly Pridmore & Emma Ryder.




6. I’m So Excited – Freestyle 10+

Originally recorded in 1982 by the Pointer Sisters. Words and music by the Pointer Sisters and Trevor Lawrence.

Rachel Alexander, Beth Davies, Evie Davies, Kirsten Dyson-Flower, Frances Hill, Liberty Jeffries, Tasha Lobley, Kirtsy MacGregor, Kaitlin Magarry, Lily Montague, Lauren Nicholls, Lucy Rees, Meghan Smith, Phoebe Taylor, Katie White & Nadine Wright.




7. We’re In The Money – Grades 1 & 2 Tap

Originally recorded in 1933 by Ginger Rodgers for the film “Gold Diggers of 1933”. Later included in the 1980 show “42nd Street”. Written by Al Dublin and Harry Warren.

Niamh Armstrong, Mia Brooke, Mairead Brotheridge, Jessica Campkin, Lauren Dowie, Emily Dyson-Flower, Ava Edwards, George Fearnley, Lily Fearnley, Chloe Fulcher, Sarah Gant, Sofia Lambert, Kaitlin Magarry, Lucy Morris, Lindsay Neilson, Lauren Nicholls, Zoe Pears, Florence Roberts, Katherine Runcorn, Ella Stanley, Ellie Swales, Jessica Thomas-Fairburn & Georgina Watkin.




8. Entry Of The Clowns – Preparatory Ballet (Monday & Wednesday classes)

Originally a Czech military march (“Entry Of The Gladiators”) written in 1897 by Julius Fucik.

Ruby Archibald, Zara Bailes-Johnson, Isobel Butcher, Sofia Chatziioannou, Alana Corderoy, Emma Craig, Heidi Dunlop, Jessica Dunlop, Emmie Fox, Ella Griffin, Iris Griffin, Hannah Gee, Jasmine Gilligan, Julia Glowinska, Tilly Haslewood, Lily Hollowed, Liliana Isaac, Jasmine Isle, Grace Jackson, Matilda Manby, Rebecca Manyongaise,Harriet Mitchell, Sophie Nelson, Coline Selwood, Ruby Shaw, Evelyn Skinner, Anna Stott, Jessica Thompson, Carly Tizick, Ameerah Tura, Emily Umpleby, Phoebe Williams & Bethany Wingate.



9. Man On The Flying Trapeze

Originally published in 1857. Written by Lyle, Lee and Leybourne.

Morgan-Grace Bakhtiary-Gourlay, Iphegenie Bean, Ava Bernhadt, Sophie Bjelan, Jennifer Bond, Eleanor Bowen, Lucy Brown, Tiarna Cargill, Emily Clewes, Milly Collingwood Cooper, Ava Coverdale, Ruby Cryer, Olivia Delves, Amber Donnelly, Ned Duffy, Jessica Gibbs, Megan Heap, Gwen Hesford, Lucy Hromada, Poppy Judd, Megan Layfield, Isobel Lebbon, Abigail Liddle, Emma McClintock, Ella McIntosh, Olivia Napper, Kate Playford, Neve Reah, Georgina Robson, Abigail Scaife, Emily Smith, Rebecca Stones, Elsa Turnbull, Katie Turnbull, Jessica Warren, Chloe Williams, Clara Woollven





10. Barnum Medley.

The music to which Torvill and Dean got the first perfect score at the World Ice Skating Championships in 1983. Music written by Cy Coleman for the show first performed in 1980.


Lillian Arundale Robinson, Sophie Baker, Annabel Baxter, Silvanna Bradbourne, Lydia Bradley, Sivi Doudou Kavena, Evie Griffin, Lilla Hinchcliff, Harry Hobden, Lucy Hunt, Carmen Innes, Amelie Newman, Scarlett Ritchie, Elizabeth Robinson, Freya Robinson, Josie Robinson, Kathryn Shores, Teigan Stott, Bethany Umpleby, Olivia Wilkinson, Lucy Williams & Toby Williams.

Circus Dancers:

Eloise Abraham, Tess Duffy, Isobel Duncan, Louise Dunwell, Kaitlyn Green, Georga Hawkins, Olivia Hodgetts, Jasmine Hunt, Nyla Kent, Isabella Kondi, Rosalynn Marcotte, Emily Napper, Rhiannon O’Brien, Tara Rankin, Sophie Rees, Emily Rider, Zara Rushton, Hettie Sadler, Grace Smith, Ava Turnbull, Francessca Turnbull, Eliza Webster, Danika Wisson-Smith & Katie Wyer.

Circus Performers:

Ava Baum, Mathilde Clarkson, Meredith Craddock, Evie Davis, Ruby Davis, Elazia Doudou Kavena, Charlotte Dyson, Lauren Edwards, Ben Fearnley, George Fearnley, Heidi Frost, Isabella Henry, Hannah Hunt, Rosie Jones, Ellie Lebbon, Isobel Leedham, Emily Little, Hannah Lloyd, Lucy Morris, Leah Nicholls, Sophie Petty, Trinity Sadler & Amy Seward.







11. 14 Feet Of Rhythm (Choreograhy by Helen Bayes)

Ella Camponi, Lauryn Dean, Saskia Dean, Joanne Halford, Nicole Jackson, Emma Ryder & Charlotte Snuggs.


12. I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair

Written for the 1949 musical “South Pacific” (The film was 1958). Written by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Jessica Barker, Lizzie Cardwell, Olivia Cotton, Lauren Dowie, Rachel Downham, Kirsten Dyson-Flower, Lily Fearnley, Maddy Hobden, Bryony Keyse, Sofia Kondi, Poppy Mansfield, Kaitlin Magarry, Sophie McPherson, Emma Money, Amber Morley, Georgina Morphet, Lauren Nicholls, Zoe Pears, Amelia Pearson, Jemma Potts, Tilly Rainford, Olivia Rennison, Natalie Rouse, Anna Spence, Georgia Wadsworth, Izzy Wadsworth & Millie Ward.



13. Rhythm Nation

Recorded by Janet Jackson in 1989. Written by James Harris III, Tony Lewis and Janet Jackson.

Ellen Armstrong, Helena Baker, Michelle Chirwa, Sophia Cotton, Saskia Dean, Mariana Fernandes, Lauren Greenan, Georgia Hirst, Nicole Jackson, Sophie Lee, Tashi Lewis, Rachel Oates, Molly Pridmore, Emma Ryder, Abigail Scott, Olivia Wilkinson & Caitlin Wood.










14. Move It, Move It

Recorded in 1993 by Reel To Real. This version is by Will.I.Am and was used in the film “Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa”. Written by Erick Morillo and Mike Quashie.

Isobel Butcher, Tilda Brayshay, Ebony Ellis, Ruby Ellis, Jessica Gibbs, Olivia Hodgetts, Lucy Hromada, Francesca Kershaw, Holly Kirkham, Isobel Leedham, Rosalyn Marcotte, Emily Napper, Leah Nicholls, Tara Rankin, Neve Reah, Emily Rider, Freya Robinson, Zara Rushton, Grace Smith, Ameerah Tura, Katie Turnbull, Eliza Webster, Lucy Williams, Phoebe Williams & Clara Woollven.






15. Matilda Medley

3 numbers from the 2010 musical written by Tim Minchen and Dennis Kelly. “Naughty”, “Loud” and “Revolting Children”.


Milly Askew, Aimee Binfield, Olivia Bull, Iona Davies, Max Fountain, Isabelle Giles, Katie Hawkes, Evie Holding, Grace Humphries, Hannah Hunt, Scarlett Jeffries, Holly Kirkham, Kaitlyn Morrell, Leah Nicholls, Macey Payne, Tara Rankin, Rebecca Rastrick, Eliza Rodi, Edward Slater & Isabel Trigoso.


Lizzie Cardwell, Georgette Case-Watson, Evie Davis, Lauren Dowie, Maisie Hallam, Kirsty MacGregor, Alice McNabb, Rebecca Meade, Jack Moran, Trinity Sadler, Erika Slater, Brogan Tunnicliffe, Charlotte Ward & Katie White.

Revolting Children

Saskia Dean, Keeley Ezard, Alfred Humphries, Nicole Jackson, Tashi Lewis, Rowena Lloyd, Molly Pridmore, Connie Richards & Caitlin Wood.








Ballett The Enchanted Toyshop

The Enchanted Toyshop, also known as ‘La Boutique Fantasque’ is a ballet in one act conceived by Léonide Massine. Ottorino Respighi wrote the music based on piano pieces by Gioachino Rossini. Its world premiere was at the Alhambra Theatre in London on 5 June 1919, performed by Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes.

An adaption (by Ann Atkinson) of the story centre’s around Sophia, a young girl whose fascination with the toy shop and all its magic leads her into an enchanted display of dancing dolls, national folk dance and mime as well as classical choreography.


Shopkeepers: Harlan Pollitt & Joanna Starkings

Opening Dancers: Ellen Armstrong, Anthi Campbell King, Bethany Campkin, Natalie Gray, Grace Humphreys, Scarlett Jeffries, Sophie Lee, Tashi Lewis, Rachel Miller, Leah Nicholls, Tilly Rainford, Isobel Trigoso, Lucy Williams, Phoebe Williams & Nadine Wright.

Sophia: Georgina Morphet, Sailor: Nicholas Dickinson,Polka Doll: Lauryn Dean, Harlequin Joker: Emilie Moorby,Fairy Doll: Emma Ryder,Mexican Doll: Stephanie Starkings, Ace of Hearts: Jo HalfordAce of Spades: Anna Floyd, Chinese Dolls: Zoe Ellaby, Megan Walmsley, Spanish Doll: Nicole Jackson, Rag Dolls: Saskia Dean, Jasmine Feingold, Laura Murphy

The Tarantella’s: Sophia Cotton, Kirsten Dyson-Flower, Gabriella Feingold, Alfred Humphries, Natasha Jennings, Rowena Lloyd, Molly Pridmore, Meghan Smith, Georgia Wadsworth, Millie Ward, Sophie Ward, Eleanor Watkin, Olivia Wilkinson & Caitlin Wood.

‘Polly’ Dolls: Bryony Beetham, Samantha Brockett, Keeley Ezard, Amy Frost, Sarah Jane Hayton, Olivia Jones, Samantha Jones, Megan Preston, Connie Richards & Bethany Taylor.

Cards: Jessica Barker, Mia Cooke, Erin Gold, Rachel Hallam, Maddy Hobden, Sabrina Howard, Bryony Keyse, Sofia Kondi, Alice McNabb, Sophie McPherson, Emma Money, Amber Morley, Jemma Potts, Neve Ranson, Anna Spence.

Toys: Lizzie Cardwell, Lauren Dowie, Rachel Downham, Lily Fearnley, Chloe Fulcher, Georgia Hardcastle, Poppy Mansfield, Kaitlin Magarry, Georgina Morphet, Lauren Nicholls, Zoe Pears, Amelia Pearson, Olivia Rennison, Natalie Rouse, Sophie Todd & Brogan Tunnicliffe

Mexican Hat Dance: Niamh Armstrong, Mia Brooke, Olivia Cotton, Ava Edwards, Isabelle Giles, Grace Hart, Amy Kempster, Jack Moran, Rose Moss, Lindsay Neilson, Eleanor Peagram, Jahnavi Prakash, Minnie Preston, Katherine Runcorn, Ellie Swales, Kate Tissiman & Izzy Wadsworth.

Toy Soldiers: Mairead Brotheridge, Jessica Campkin, Emily Dyson-Flower, Jessica Hardesty Dean, Charlotte Hullah, Grace Humphreys, Bronagh Humphries, Scarlett Jeffries, Sofia Lambert, Jennifer Law, Poppy Mortimer, Macey Payne, Florence Roberts, Paige Russell, Nina Telford, Jessica Thomas-Fairburn, Isabel Trigoso, Emily Upson, Olivia Upson, Lucy Walton & Megan Walton.













16. Candy Girl

Recorded by New Edition in 1983. Written by Maurice Starr.

Elise Bevan-Smith, Lily Bingham, Olivia Borchard, Imogen Bower, Aleksandra Burgajska, Charlie Doyle, Ella Hickson, Barnaby Horberry, Sofia Lambert, Megan Lazenby, Eliza Rodi, Ella Stanley, Ellie Swales & Mia Titchmarsh.




17. I Can Do That

From the musical (1975) and film (1985) “Chorus Line”. Music by Marvin Hamlisch, Lyrics by Edward Kleban.

Ellen Armstrong, Bryony Beetham, Lizzie Cardwell, Kirsten Dyson-Flower, Grace Haigh, Sarah Jane Hayton, Rowena Lloyd, Poppy Mansfield, Sophie McPherson, Amelia Pearson, Jemma Potts, Mollie Pridmore, Natalie Rouse, Bethany Taylor, Brogan Tunnicliffe, Millie Ward, Caitlin Wood, Amy Wotherspoon.






18. Maniac

Originally recorded by Michael Sembillo in 1982, it was used in the 1983 film “Flashdance”. Written by Dennis Matkosky and Michael Sembillo.

Niamh Armstrong, Ava Baum, Mairead Brotheridge, Jessica Campkin, Mathilde Clarkson, Ruby Davis, Charlotte Dyson, Emily Dyson-Flower, Ava Edwards, Ben Fearnley, Heidi Frost, Isabelle Giles, Hannah Hunt, Isabella Henry, Rosie Jones, Ellie Lebbon, Evie Malik, Rose Moss, Leah Nicholls, Katherine Runcorn, Amy Seward, Jessica Thomas-Fairburn, Kate Tissiman, Emily Upson, Olivia Upson, Emily Williamson & Ruby Wilson.


19. Finale: One

A 3rd song from the musical (1975) and film (1985) “Chorus Line”. Music by Marvin Hamlisch, Lyrics by Edward Kleban.

Sophia Cotton, Lauryn Dean, Saskia Dean, Zoe Ellaby, Keeley Ezard, Anna Floyd, Amy Frost, Joanne Halford, Molly Pridmore, Emma Ryder, Megan Walmsley, Sophie Ward & Caitlin Wood.

Grade 3’s:

Lizzie Cardwell, Kirsten Dyson-Flower, Maddy Hobden, Sophie McPherson, Emma Money, Jemma Potts, Tilly Rainford, Natalie Rouse & Millie Ward.



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