Consulting on Ripon’s street trading policy

24 September 2013

Should Ripon’s street trading be extended beyond the Market Place?

That is the question Harrogate Borough Council is putting to the city’s businesses and residents.

A street trading policy was introduced in Ripon in 1997 which only permitted street trading on the Market Place and licensing officials want to know if people think this policy is now out of date and other streets and parks and open spaces should be included.

The Chairman of the Chamber of Trade, the City Development Manager, the Cathedral, local ward councillors and businesses in Kirkgate have requested that a consultation be carried out with a view to changing the current policy.

Councillor Stuart Martin, Chairman of Harrogate Borough Council’s Licensing Committee is urging people to respond.

Stuart said:

Like many other market towns, Ripon’s major street trading takes place on the market place but, as the city is continually looking to increase footfall and visitors to the city, it has been agreed that the street trading policy be reviewed.

We are consulting all the usual groups and bodies we are required to under the guidelines, but I am keen to hear other comments and thoughts from anyone with an interest in Ripon.

Street scene is an important aspect of what makes a market town attractive to visitors and also to residents. This is a good opportunity to embrace a change to add to the Ripon ‘offer’

A copy of the consultation document can be viewed at:

If you do not have access to the Internet, most local libraries have free internet access, alternatively you can view the documents at Ripon Town Hall, and the Council Offices in Harrogate at Crescent Gardens and Springfield House. If you are unable to access a copy in the above ways, please contact the Licensing Team 01423 556843 or email

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