EU delivers hammer blow to Royal Mail plans with ban on State help

11 July 2013

Mike NattrassMEP Mike Nattrass, UKIP’s Prospective Parliamentary General Election Candidate for Skipton & Ripon, fears huge job losses and cuts to rural postal services will result from EU and Conservative driven plans to privatise the Royal Mail.

Mike Nattrass, whose family roots are in Ripon and is UKIP’s MEP representing the West Midlands, says the Government will be hamstrung by the same EU regulations that opened up mail delivery to competition.

This allowed private companies to cherry pick profitable areas of UK mail, such as business mail, and leave the unprofitable services to the Royal Mail.

The Government will be powerless to save the Royal Mail if it catastrophically fails, as EU regulation bans State aid.

Commenting this week, UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass, said:

The ongoing destruction of the Royal Mail lies firmly at the door of the EU and the Lib/Lab/Con who voted for it in the EU Parliament while UKIP voted against the regulations. These Parties delivered regulations that should have been lost in the post.

After MEPs voted for these damaging EU directives some then returned to the UK and campaigned against Post Office closures in the communities they are alleged to represent yet damaged. What humbug and deception!

A privatised Royal Mail will struggle in the market place. Privatisation will spell disaster for rural postal services. Jobs will go and stamp prices will rise yet again.

I now wait to see the response of British MEPs from other three political parties to the Government’s plans, to see if they dare to repeat their hypocrisy.

UKIP believe in a strong Royal Mail delivering a first class service across the UK to business and domestic customers.

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