Generous donation to Harrogate Grammar buys a set of Raspberry Pi’s

Sixth Form student, Luke Wilkins using his Raspberry Pi
Sixth Form student, Luke Wilkins using his Raspberry Pi


A generous donation from an enthusiastic parent has enabled Harrogate Grammar School to purchase a class set of Raspberry Pi’s. The Raspberry Pi is a low cost computer designed to help children to program.

The donor, William Fish and his father both have a strong background in Engineering. William grew up in Silicon Valley and understands the importance of Computer Science and wishes to inspire a whole new generation.

The Pi is a fantastic teaching resource for both GCSE and A-Level Computing; the students will have a lot of fun getting to grips with them. It is also an opportunity to introduce lower school children to programming and to spark their enthusiasm for Computer Science.

The donation couldn’t have come at a better time, as the Government has just announced that GCSE Computing is going to be part of the English Baccalaureate. The Education Secretary, Michael Gove has heaped praised on the Raspberry Pi and believes they have a role to play in helping students learn to program. Google chairman Eric Schmidt believes the “The Raspberry Pi is first and foremost a very clever design” and has donated 15,000 to UK schools.

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