Julian Smith MP encourages young people to stand for Youth Parliament

8 February 2013

Julian-SmithJulian Smith, Member of Parliament for Skipton and Ripon, is encouraging young people in the constituency to stand to be a Member of the UK Youth Parliament for North Yorkshire.

Nominations are open until 1 March for any young person aged between 11 and 17. Those who are successful will be given a seat on their Local Youth Council and North Yorkshire Youth Council and have the opportunity to attend the annual Youth Parliament Debate in the House of Commons.

Julian said:

It is important that young people have a voice on the issues that impact on their lives and being part of the UK Youth Parliament representing North Yorkshire is a great way of doing that.

I regularly support the North Yorkshire Youth Council and take part in the annual Takeover Day to give young people the opportunity to see more about my work. Being part of the Youth Parliament would give them even more of a chance to have their say on what affects their lives and those of their friends and colleagues.

Information on how to stand for the Youth Parliament are available from the North Yorkshire Youth Council website: www.nyyc.co.uk/uk-youth-parliament-2/

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