Engage Mutual continues commitment to charity

24 July 2012

A Local charity has benefitted from Engage Mutual’s recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) thanks to a unique membership voting system.

As part of the Harrogate-based mutual’s ongoing commitment to worthy causes, a charitable donation was made for every vote cast by members at the AGM.

Saint Michael’s Hospice, situated in Hornbeam Park, set up to provide a better quality of life for those suffering from terminal illness, which was given £1,900. The other charity to benefit was the Steve Prescott foundation, formed by ex-Rugby League player Steve Prescott to raise money for the rugby league benevolent fund and The Christie Cancer Hospital, was the other beneficiary receiving almost nine hundred pounds.

The initiative, created as an incentive to increase attendance and voting at the AGM, has so far been successful in boosting responses and providing valuable funds to local charities as a result.

This was the first year that online voting was available, allowing members unable to attend the meeting, to cast their vote on important issues relating to the future of the mutual.

Engage Mutual’s Marketing Director Karl Elliott said:

As a mutual we are guided by the views of our members and the AGM vote provides them with the opportunity to have a say on the future of the organisation.

To be able to raise money for worthy causes, while ensuring the involvement of our members is fantastic and we would like to thank them for taking their time to contribute not only to Engage Mutual but to charity.

The scheme saw 20p donated for each vote cast online, 10p for votes cast by post while £2 was donated for each member who attended the event in person.

For further information on Saint Michael’s Hospice and the Steve Prescott Foundation please visit www.saintmichaelshospice.org www.steveprescottfoundation.co.uk


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