An Edinburgh Comedy Preview – Stephen Carlin with Pandas v Penguins

15 July 2012

Can’t make it to the Edinburgh Festival ? then get down to the Spiegeltent tent in Harrogate for an Edinburgh comedy preview this evening (15 July 2012).

Carlin has earned critical acclaim, accolades and a growing fanbase with his original and insightful writing style and accomplished delivery.

His Pandas v Penguins show asks the serious questions of are you a panda or are you a penguin? Perhaps you like the cold weather, hanging out in large groups, balancing round objects on your feet?

Have you recently forgotten how to fly but are really good underwater? Then you may well be a penguin. But perhaps that’s not you at all. Maybe you are the cute and ‘cuddly’ type who prefers the indoors, loves to gorge on a limited diet and only has sex twice a year?

Whatever your lifestyle choices, Stephen Carlin will unleash that inner Panda or Penguin within you.


A delightfully off beat act who expertly applies twisted, convoluted logic to common-or-garden observations to produce genuinely original material…a definite tip for the top.

Tickets are available from the box office on 01423 502 116 or book online


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