Harrogate Town

Harrogate Town embark on major ground works


Harrogate Town

Harrogate Town has embarked on major ground works at the CNG Stadium, to level out the pitch and improve drainage.

Even in a short space of time, work as greatly moved on for the renovation of the pitch and the structures around the ground.

The depth of the work has now reached the old drainage system, which has been all but dismantled, which will allow the work crews to be able to install the water tank, sprinkler system and new drainage and irrigation system.

Here are a few stats about the work being carried out:

  • 2100 meters of new drainage system will be used
  • 570 meters of irrigation piping will be used
  • 24 sprinkler heads to be placed about the pitch
  • 322 tons of sand will be sprea
  • Water Tank 12 foot long by 7.6 foot deep


Speaking about the improvements being made, chairman Irving Weaver said:

There is still a lot of work to go but the progress made has been very impressive. Hopefully the bad weather will continue to hold off and allow the works to continue at a steady rate. One thing is for certain, when completed, these improvements will certainly benefit the players and allow some great games of football to be played.

Photographs by Peter Arnett


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