Rhodes Harrogate

Harrogate Tailor Rhodes Wood commissioned by Hollywood Star for premiere suit

4 April 2012

Rhodes Harrogate

A bespoke suit made by one of Yorkshire’s best-known tailors has starred at two glittering red-carpet events in Los Angeles and London!

The outfit, made by Jeremy Wood Beaumont from Harrogate’s Rhodes Wood Bespoke Tailors, was commissioned – and worn by – actor Mark Strong at the USA and UK premiers of John Carter, the latest Disney blockbuster in which he stars.

Jeremy, who has clients all over the world, travelled to London to take the 48-year-old actor’s measurements, and to choose the cloth and style for the garment.

Under Jeremy’s guidance, Mark, who has starred in a host of films including Stardust and Green Lantern, plumped for a grey suit, with 3mm edge stitching to the lapels.

Jeremy said:

Mr Strong was very specific about the type of suit he wanted to wear at both premiers. It had to be classic looking yet at the same time obvious it was created especially for him.

We work with a Yorkshire Mill that has its headquarters on Savile Row, where I did the London fittings. We aimed to provide a quintessentially English suit with a European ‘flavour’ and softness’.

It took me four weeks to make and both Mr Strong and I were delighted with the finished result. This is the first time one of my suits has been photographed at two major film events.

Mr Strong sent a text to me after the after the London premiere, saying how special he felt in something that had been created for him.

It was a privilege and a pleasure creating this hand-made suit for Mr Strong, and hopefully he will call on my talents again.

Jeremy established Rhodes Wood in 1997 with the aim to bring the level of tailoring, exclusively found on Savile Row and Jermyn Street, to the north of England.

The film – which is about the character John Carter being transplanted to Mars, to then discover a planet full of 12-foot barbarians, soon becoming an escapee from their imprisonment and encountering a princess in need of a saviour – had its premiers at the Regent LA Live Theatre, Los Angeles and at the British Film Institute, South bank, London.


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