IT firm launches the ‘Yorkshire Cloud’

A Yorkshire IT firm has launched a new regional cloud computing server – – that will provide smaller businesses in the region with the benefits of cloud hosting their IT services over the internet.

Integral IT operates a team of trained onsite IT engineers from its Harrogate base, servicing businesses across Yorkshire. Managing director Jonathan Edwards was frustrated that, even after several months’ research, he was unable to source the reputable and cost effective cloud computing solution enjoyed by larger companies for Integral’s smaller business clients.

Integral IT decided to work with local data storage specialists to launch its own ‘Yorkshire Cloud’. The concept ensures that customers know who is holding their data, and allows Integral IT to provide very clear and transparent fixed -cost server hosting for smaller businesses that find themselves below the entry level of the services currently offered by the larger cloud computing service providers.

Integral IT
Jonathan Edwards, managing director of Integral IT

Founded in 2005, Integral IT manages outsourced IT services for dozens of Yorkshire companies, ranging from small owner-managed businesses turning over £250,000 to UK subsidiaries of multinationals with hundreds of employees. has been designed to suit general business requirements, while ensuring the needs of smaller companies are met.

Jonathan Edwards said:

The cloud is a great concept that is transforming the way large corporates manage hosting and data, but we found smaller and medium sized customers couldn’t get the same benefits as the bigger firms with thousands of desks.  It’s also reassuring for smaller organisations to have people they know managing their data in servers here in the UK, so that everything is more accountable.

Integral IT has now teamed up with specialist data firms to provide hosting on dedicated secure servers in Yorkshire and guarantees reliability levels and fixed rates for businesses as small as five desks.  Edwards’ team offers services that range from simple email hosting packages to full desktop hosting that replaces the need for large capital investments in servers and hardware.

Jonathan Edwards added:

We know the cloud is the way forward for many businesses, and with great infrastructure here in Yorkshire we have been able to offer customers a service that means they know where their data is held, how much it is going to cost every month and who will look after them if there are any issues to resolve.

In the age of call centres and global web businesses, it is reassuring to smaller firms, who depend on their IT for survival, to know they have a reliable and accountable provider that is also local.

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