York workers put a Stop! to child sexual abuse

6 February 2012

Child sexual abuse prevention campaign, Stop it Now! England is teaming up with North Yorkshire Police to provide specialist training for multi-agency staff who work with children and families across the County. Taking place on Thursday 2nd February, the event will focus on ways that agencies can collaborate and work with the public to protect children in the area from sexual abuse.

Called ‘Preventing Child Sexual Abuse – Making it Everybody’s Business’, the one-day specialist training will reinforce child sexual abuse prevention efforts in Yorkshire, to ensure those who work with children and families have a better understanding of where individual roles fit into prevention.

The training, being held at the Holiday Inn, Tadcaster Road in York, will bring together representatives from various organisations that have contact with children or families or deal with child protection issues including police, probation, health, education and voluntary sector workers in Yorkshire.

Detective Inspector Nigel Costello who heads North Yorkshire Police’s Protecting Vulnerable Persons Units, said:

Everyone has a responsibility to protect children and it is vital that professionals working with young people know how to spot the signs of abuse.

The training will enhance the understanding and capability of other organisations to recognise when a child could be at risk, resulting in early intervention and greater protection for children.

Specialist staff from child protection charity, The Lucy Faithfull Foundation will deliver workshops, exploring some of today’s key issues surrounding child sexual abuse. Covering subject areas that include: – female sexual abusers; how the internet is used as part of sexually abusive behaviour; children who display worrying sexual behaviour; and where agencies and individuals roles can be utilised to prevent abuse and protect children from harm.

Director of Stop it Now!, Donald Findlater said:

As adults we have a responsibility to protect children from harm, and to do this we have to stop abuse from happening in the first place. By increasing our knowledge of child sexual abuse issues and learning how to prevent it, we can help children grow up free from sexual abuse and exploitation.

Our training provides those who work with children and families with vital information on how abusers and potential abusers operate. Attendees will gain an understanding of how their role fits into the prevention of child sexual abuse and how they can apply practical preventative measures within their workplace.

The Stop it Now! campaign operates a free phone confidential helpline – 0808 1000 900 – which people can call for advice and support in relation to child sexual abuse issues.

Residents of Yorkshire and the surrounding areas can also access further information on protecting children from sexual abuse from our Parents Protect!


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