A1 closed between J47 and Catterick due to ice

6 February 2012

The A1 is closed both directions between J47 AND CATTERICK including A168 junction. (6 Feb 2012 at 8:30am)

The recommended alternate route is A19/A64 VIA YORK where possible.

No further information at the present time, but this news item will be updated as it becomes available.

A1 disruption

The Police have released details of the events that occurred this morning on the A1 which contributed to the major delays on the A1 this morning.

  • Shortly after 2.15am on 6 February 2012 police were called to an incident on the A1 northbound carriageway near Hackforth, Bedale. A HGV had left the road due to icy conditions, this was very quickly followed by a number of other reports all along the A1 between junction 59 and down as far as Junction 47 within the North Yorkshire Police area. A number of similar reports followed involving numerous vehicles and locations.
  • One HGV jack-knifed on the A1 northbound at Hackforth and then two further HGV’s jack-knifed north of this along with a further one at Leeming which suffered a ruptured Diesel tank as a result.
  • There were also a number of cars effected by the weather conditions and police attended several reports of vehicles which had left the road at the following locations: Kirby Fleetham, Fencote and Leeming Bar. Other incidents were also reported on the southbound carriageway involving two cars and one HGV prior to Leeming Bar
  • Resources from the police, the fire service, ambulance and the Highways Agency all worked together to ensure that any occupants of the vehicles involved were safe and despite the number of reports received there were very few injuries reported none of which were serious or life threatening.
  • The Highways Agency had salted the roads in this area last night, but due to some unexpected rain showers which washed away the salt and the rain falling started to freeze due to low ground temperatures. The roads in the area were covered in sheet ice which contributed to the collisions.

A stretch of the A1 was subsequently closed between junction 49 at Leeming and Junction 47 at Allerton Park. Highways Agency gritting vehicles are now at the location and North Yorkshire Police traffic officers are now travelling along the A1 northbound and southbound behind the gritters to check vehicles located at the side of the road checking to ensure that any collisions have been reported and all occupants accounted for. This is ongoing (as of 11:00am) and will take some time to locate all vehicles due to the number of reports and the extent of area effected.


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