Plans for Mile Post Pub to become a Sainsbury’s approved

27 January 2012

At a Council planning meeting yesterday (26 January 2012) plans to convert the Mile Post public house to a Sainsbury’s local store were approved.

The vote was very close with 4 voting for, 3 against and 1 abstention.

The approval was not for change of use as the premises already had the necessary retail planning permission, but for the extension of the building to make it viable as a store.

Previously concerns have raised around parking and the lack of alternative public houses in the area.



  1. The pub has not run well for many years. You can’t argue the point of no local public houses when you don’t use the one you have already! Unfortunately public houses all over the uk are shutting down left right and centre due to people not having the money to spend, the high business rates that are put on the pubs, the ridiculous barrelage charges the breweries charge now and the fact that beer is around 80% cheaper to buy from a super market. In an economy where we are now surrounded by a discount and voucher culture there is no hope for many pubs any more. The first real pub I worked in, in Leeds, is now a marks and Spencer’s car park! That pub used to be one of the busiest pubs in Leeds but less and less people went and because of the running costs it was more viable to sell up and have the building knocked down. R.I.P. real pubs!

  2. Might as well change the name of our town to “Supermarket”, more local businesses to suffer, this town has been systematic in the last 20 years of destroying local businesses!

    • Local businesses have gone out of business because they cannot compete; they are too expensive. A pub on Leeds Road – waste of time. Thank goodness Sainsbury have taken over.

  3. Yes. because leeds road needs another supermarket with jack fultons and the co-op only metres away and not forgetting the marks and spencers food hall that is on the way.

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