John Bishop tickets sell out in 10 minutes at Harrogate Theatre

13 January 2012

Tickets for John Bishop went on sale this morning (13 Jan 12) at 9am and sold out within 10 minutes.

The comedian is performing two dates in June at the Harrogate Theatre and has previously sold out the Wembley Arena.

Tickets were initially available on the Harrogate Theatre’s website and were then planned to be available from the Theatre Box office at 10am, although they had all sold out by then.

A spokesperson for the Theatre said:

First of all we would like to apologise to all those people who were unsuccessful in getting tickets for John Bishop. There was a huge demand for tickets and they went on sale online on Friday 13th at 9am resulting in a large amount of online traffic. Like many online booking systems, this resulted in a lot of frustration for people trying to book tickets, and from our records we can see that those with the most luck were those people buying small amounts of tickets.

The tickets sold out within 10 minutes online by the time the Box Office opened at 10am. Tickets went on sale online at 9am in conjunction with the other venues on the John Bishop tour and was therefore beyond our control. We have to comply with these arrangements in order to bring large names like John Bishop to Harrogate. Due to the nature of the online booking system, the primary benefit of booking online is that lots of people can book at the same time and this results in disappointment for those that are unsuccessful. Our Box Office team would have had the same difficulty had they opened at the same time, as they are restricted to one booking at a time.

The maximum amount of tickets that can be booked at any one time online is 30, so as not to discriminate against group bookings. However, as mentioned previously, most people who looked to buy large amounts of tickets did not have the same success rate as those booking for 2 or 3. We do not condone the activity of ticket touts but at the same time, it is extremely difficult to regulate this activity. If we suspect any such ticket touting activity is occurring, we will notify Ebay immediately.

We take all comments and feedback extremely seriously and will be looking into ways of improving our booking process for high profile events such as this. We sincerely apologise for the disappointment caused but it is just testament to the popularity of comedian John Bishop. We urge patrons wanting tickets to try other venues on the tour and visit his website for more details:


  1. The tickets actually went on sale at 8.50am. Luckily I noted this and managed to buy some. I’m unsure why the time was incorrect. Perhaps it was to allow people tipped off to bit them before the general public.

  2. If Harrogate Theatre really want to take ticket touts to task then they should investigate Viagogo who are currently selling the £15 tickets for £79.99

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