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16 December 2011

Andrew Jones MPAndrew Jones MP raised a question in the House of commons yesterday (15th December) because of the large number of small businesses in the district and the large numbers of people they collectively employ. Andrew Jones sees them as being vital to the economic recovery of the country and wants to remove barriers to businesses being able to move to Harrogate, stay here and grow here.

The MP has met many business start ups and small businesses in the constituency and knows that times are tough and wants to highlights what the Government is doing to help. At the same time, nationally, he wants to keep support for small businesses high up the political agenda.

Andrew Jones MP addressing the House:

In the Harrogate district, there are nearly 8,000 small businesses employing about 70,000 people.

Please may we have a debate on small businesses and the measures the Government are taking to support them?

In particular, I am thinking about the cut in small business corporation tax and the extension of the rate relief holiday.

I have started businesses and worked in small businesses and I know that those measures will be very helpful. May we please treat this as a matter of urgency, because small businesses are the engines of growth in our economy and we must do all we can to help them thrive?


George Young (Leader of the House of Commons, House of Commons; North West Hampshire, Conservative):

I am grateful to my hon. Friend for reminding the House of some of the initiatives that the Government have taken to help small businesses.

He could also have referred to the changes we have made to the enterprise investment scheme and venture capital trust regimes to increase the flow of capital. We have also launched the new seed enterprise investment schemes to encourage investment in start-up companies.

As I said a moment ago, we all have a role to play in drawing to the attention of employers in our constituencies the measures the Government are taking to tackle unemployment and promote prosperity in the areas we represent.


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