Surge in orders as householders cash in on solar power payments ahead of tariff reduction deadline

2 December 2011

Staff at a leading regional renewable energy company are working through the night to cope with a surge in orders as householders rush to beat a looming “cash” deadline.

Since the Government announced it was reducing the money it pays for electricity generated by solar panels on domestic properties, Harrogate-based Clean Energy (Yorkshire) have been working around the clock to cope with demand.

A month ago, the business, based at Pannal Business Park, was working on an average of 10 installations a week. But, when it was announced the feed-in tariff was to be cut from 43.3p per unit to 21p per unit from December 12, this number has now soared to more than 25 a week.

Through The Night! Clean Energy (Yorkshire) Managing Director, Spencer Cassidy (far right) with one of his installation teams working into the night


Clean Energy (Yorkshire) Managing Director Spencer Cassidy said:

For the last month we have been literally working flat out to cope with this surge in orders.

The Government’s decision to bring forward the tariff reduction by four months was ill thought through and has sparked somewhat of a ‘panic buy’.

With it getting dark at 4.30pm, we have resorted to hiring arc lights and generators to enable us to work well into the night. We have also taken on extra staff to help us meet – and beat – this tariff-reduction deadline.


He added:

Even though the tariff is being reduced, solar energy is still a very economic option for people looking to reduce their energy bills.

And what’s more important is that, in addition to being paid for the electricity the system generates, the feed-in tariff is guaranteed for 25 years. It still makes a lot of sense to look at renewable energy as a way to save money.

Further details about the Clean Energy (Yorkshire) range are available from its website, or by calling Spencer and his team on 01423 541 315.

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