Young Engineers celebrate the Midnight Hour

9 November 2011

A year group visit to Gateshead and Newcastle has inspired Year 5 and 6 children of Western Primary to become young engineers! Walking a half mile of the Tyne in September, children studied the designs, aesthetics and purposes of six different bridges to give them ideas for constructing their own prototypes for a half-term project that would culminate in a grand exhibition for parents.

Year 5-6 teacher, Miss Richardson, explained:

The children worked in teams of three with each group being given a simple and different design brief; for example, designing a bridge to take vehicles across a river but which would allow tall ships through.

Every group had to complete a four-page planning and design booklet that included a detailed sketch with proposed measurements, materials etc.

They then had the best part of two full days to make the bridge. We are grateful to many parents who sent in materials and attended the exhibition. The project and the exhibition were a huge success and the children were really proud of their achievements.

Children and parents voted for their favourite bridges at the exhibition. It was great that each class was represented in the top three when votes were counted.


Young Engineers celebrate the Midnight Hour

The winning bridge, designed and built by James Imrie, Hannah Clow and Tom Inglis, was called The Midnight Bridge. “It’s over a metre long, and made out of wood, cardboard and art straws,” they explained. “We were really surprised and pleased when it won. We think it must have been because of its stable structure.”


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