New books for Red Hill thanks to kind-hearted regulars

7 November 2011

Once again, the Alexandra pub’s generous regulars have come up trumps, raising £440.50 to fund kids’ library books. Money raised will be used to purchase new books for the Red Hill pre-school in South Africa.

Red Hill is a place close to the heart of the pub’s Landlord, Lawrence Shirley. This time last year, Lawrence (known as ‘Loz’) spent time volunteering at the pre-school which is nestled amongst the mountains, high above Cape Town.

A large township, Red Hill is home to 2,500 people. It has been slowly expanding over the last 20 years to house displaced Africans and refugees living in poverty.

The pre-school is housed in an old freight container and 30 children between the ages of 2 and 6 attend 5 days a week. The children are also provided with two meals each day and educational activities.


Group Red hill with the Alex


Lawrence (pictured in white T-shirt) explained:

After spending time with the children and getting to know them this time last year, Red Hill is a place very close to my heart.

It’s important to me to keep the relationship going so we’re delighted to be providing them with books for their new library.

Education is the primary route out of poverty but resources in Red Hill are very scarce. We want to do everything we can to help these children have a chance at a real future.

The Alexandra raised the funds by giving out free bacon butties and asking customers for a donation in return. They also offered charity cocktails and shots for Halloween night but also, simply asked locals for donations.

Staff member Jess Bagley adds:

We’re always astounded by the generosity of our locals. They’ll do anything to support a worthy cause and we’re extremely grateful to them.

The Alexandra can be found on Prospect Place, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 1LB


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