Mannequin challenge finishes with over £15,000 raised

31 October 2011

At exactly 6pm on Sunday the 30th October 2011 Ben Davis and Jason Odle stepped out of their temporary home of a shop window. The pair had spent 7 days living in the window, day and night to help raise money for the Saint Michael’s Hospice in Harrogate.

The area outside the shop window was packed with supporters who had came down to see their last moments in the shop window. The crowds were kept entertained by a dixie band and as the duo stepped out they were greeted with a hug and kiss from their girlfriends before taking a short walk to Alberts where the party started. The fund raising continued with a lottery and an auction of literally everything that they had in the shop window. The auction had many generously donated prizes.


Ben said:

This last week we have eaten food from the finest eateries in Harrogate, we have been showered with treats and sweets by the general public of Harrogate and praised on Television, Radio, Newspapers and on-line publications for our efforts. But it isn’t about us it is about Saint Michales Hospice.

All week we have been receiving letters, emails, notes and having conversations through the window via out intercom. We have been inundated with awe inspiring stories about the work of Saint Michael’s and its fantastic team, even inviting people into the window for a teary hug at times

Jason read one of the letters that had been posted to them, the letter below reproduced with kind permission.



Ben continued:

We really didn’t expect the mass media attention we have had. What essentially has happened this week is what we have been calling viral fund raising! it has happened not because of anything we have done, this has happened because the public has got behind the cause. What this tells us is how touched people are by the fantastic work that the hospice does.

For Jase and I though, this has been a lot more than a fund raiser, it has also been a massive awareness raiser. What’s amazing is the hype, everyone is talking about the hospice and remembering and sharing amazing beautiful stories about their precious loved ones cared for by Saint Michaels.

I think the biggest thing for us has been the support and sense of community we have experienced. We have had people from all walks of life from as far as Lancashire, Newcastle and Whitby that have seen us on the TV come over to offer appreciation and support, these are people we have never met before often holding buckets outside the window for hours at a time, we had people come to see us in the middle of the night, halfway through their night out and ask us for a bib and have stood outside  raising hundreds of pounds for the hospice! We even had a police man who has been looking after us on duty come down on his day off and hold a bucket all afternoon.

Finally we would like to thank you all for all the support, its been amazing!


Ben and Jason would like to acknowledge the help and support of the following organisations and businesses:

GH Brooks, Christies Harrogate, Studio one, Jeremy Bridgeman Salons, Lateral Property, Digital Arial Installs, True Sounds, Skinny Designs, FTAV, Lynton Interiors, B-Physical, A+A (Adler and Allan), Viper Rooms, Bluebird Care, Frog Water, KallKwick, PaperWorks, Heavenly Beauty, Nick Greenhals, Marshall Catering, The Coach House, Assisted Practiced at Ripon Golf driving range, The Alex, The Fat Badger, Chillax Drinks, NCI Vehicle Rescue, Baroque Hair,, Bespoke Cupcakes, Harrogate Maintenance company, Harrogate Police, Alberts, The Skin Sanctuary, Harrogate Advertiser,, StrayFM, BBC LookNorth, ITV Calendar, Channel 5, BBC Radio York, BBC online, SIRA Studios, FragonDrop, William and Victorias, Bar and Grill.


Ben and Jason would also like to thank the following individuals:

Corin and Dad, David Pye, Katie Bulmer, Lizzie Donnely, Nikki Procter, David Chase, Claire Dunning, Craig Parker, Viki Taylor, Kieran Brown, Jim Dawson, Julia Henesy, Dan Warburton, Emily O’Brian, Lauren Ryan, Kirsty Bowers, Abbie Davis, Grandma Brenda, Nick Sands, Youcef Preston, Zoe Dixon, Anni Drury, Adam Odle, Biz Denton, Joe Bothamly, Cris Matthews, Tim Cook, Mike at StrayFM, Alex Cann, Patrick Dunlop, Emma Trotter, Ian Ladley, Sam Moray, Joanne Jarvis, Marik Scratchard, Byron Spence, Andrew Groves, Nathan Garnham, Carl Cowgill, Rob Reynolds, Josh Birch Niki and Mick at Alberts, Caroline Lyster, Lisa Ramsey, Stu Barber, Martin Eglise, Christine Norton, Kristina Horner, Luci Gill, Cora, Sandra Dunnin, James Vernon, Kirsty Hoskin, Donn Jacobs, Richard Baranovsky, Dan Mizen


Saint Michael’s chief executive, Tony Collins, said:

This year’s You’re Inspired has thrown up some wonderfully creative ideas and each of the teams involved has really played a part in a fantastic campaign.

The winners and total amount raised will be revealed at the awards evening on Wednesday at the Crown Hotel, Harrogate, and we expect it to be a celebration of entrepreneurial spirit and a very special event.


Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateBen and Jason entertain the crowds

Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateThe Dixie Band

Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateWho’s looking at who! – Scrabble the dog

Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateThe street was crowded

Mannequin Challenge in Harrogate34 seconds to go

Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateGoing…

Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateTimes up

Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateJason Odle exits the shop window

Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateBen Davis with his girlfriend Lizzie Donnelly

Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateA packed street

Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateThe team – (from left to right) Victoria Taylor, Kieran Brown, Jason Odle, Ben Davis, Claire Dunning and Craig Parker

Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateYoucef Preston playing in Alberts

Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateBen and Jason

Mannequin Challenge in HarrogateFund raising moved on to the Montey’s Bar later in the night

To donate TEXT VIDA88 followed by the amount you would like to donate to 70070 OR go to the website

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