Make a difference with Harrogate district biodiversity action group

14 October 2011

You are invited to join members of HDBAG during Make a Difference Day on Saturday 29th October from 10am – 1pm, trimming back the rhododendrons at Birk Crag, near Harlow Carr.

Last year a group of volunteers started the work trimming back the Rhododendrons that have taken a hold in Birk Crag, encroaching on the native plants in the area. This is a sensitive area being home to the elusive Chestnut Click Beetle which for the last 15 years has only been sighted at Birk Crag and on the Isle of Wight.

The beetle which is on the Harrogate Council’s Biodiversity action plan list of species that require support, needs sunlight, and the excessive shade from the rhododendrons is a threat to its continued existence.

Rhododendrons were introduced into England in the late 18th century and were popular on country estates as ornamental shrubs and ground cover for game birds.

The plant is responsible for the destruction of many native habitats and the abandonment of land throughout the British Isles. The reason for this is simple. Where conditions are suitable, Rhododendron will out compete most native plants. It will grow to many times the height of a person, allowing very little light to penetrate through its thick leaf canopy. This effectively eliminates other competing native plant species which are unable to grow due to insufficient light. This in turn leads to the consequent loss of the associated native animals. For more information got to

To join in on Saturday 29th call Pamela Millen on 01423 523233 by Friday 28th October.

You will then be advised of where to meet and what to bring with you.

Make a Difference Day is a Community Services Volunteers (CSV) initiative

To find out more about the Harrogate District Biodiversity Action Groupcgo to:,uk or email


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