Businesses block stolen metal market

14 October 2011

Businesses in the Harrogate district are helping to block the market for stolen metal. The price of scrap metal is high and metal theft is on the increase both locally and nationally.

The Harrogate District Community Safety Partnership has joined forces with local traders to help prevent stolen metal being sold. These companies have agreed to display signs on their sites advising that they want to know where the metal has come from before they will accept it.

stop metal theftCllr Nick Brown hands over stop theft sign to Zoe Addyman of Addyman’s Recycling and Waste Management of The Quarry on Ripley Road, Harrogate


Chair of the Partnership, Cllr Nick Brown, is grateful to the traders who are taking this strong stance. He added:

We want thieves not to be able to find a market for stolen metal. If they can’t sell it they won’t steal it.

And we are also urging residents and businesses to be on their guard. Don’t leave valuable metal items on view especially in gardens and this includes bikes. We all have a part to play. It is also good advice to make sure that you only use reputable contractors to remove any waste, metal or otherwise, from your premises. You should also check that they have the appropriate licences to carry and dispose of waste.


For details on scrap metal dealers registered with the Environment Agency go to:

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  1. The potential for disaster with all the drain covers that have been stolen near Wath, outside Pateley bridge, also near Blubberhouses and across towards Otley on the Askwith road is too terrible to contemplate.

    ALL drains should have serial numbers on which have to be recorded Whatever happens to them re. removal, repairs, replacement or scrap. We must make life as difficult as possible for those who deal in scrap metal.

    Applaud the efforts being made – a positive start.

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