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15 September 2011

Elegant Interiors Launches To Improve Yorkshire Homes – Whether Owners Want To Dwell or Sell

With the UK property market in the doldrums many Yorkshire home owners face tough competition when it comes to selling their house, but according to a newly launched interior design company the key to unlocking the door to a potential sale lies in a US technique called ‘staging’.

Set up by award winning interior designer Sue Walker, Elegant Interiors (www.northyorkshireinteriors.co.uk) is a new, full service interior design business with studios in the centre of Harrogate. The company offers a range of services to either help customers improve their home for the long term, or create the ‘wow’ factor needed to lure potential buyers.

Having worked out of the UK, USA and Canada and with over 20 years experience, Sue has returned to her Yorkshire roots to introduce to the region’s home owners some of the exciting developments in interior design she has experienced at the other side of the Atlantic.

One such trend is the art of ‘staging’ or ‘dressing’ a home to give it maximum appeal to potential buyers, involving the decluttering , redecoration and dressing of houses ready for viewing. A technique now well established overseas, ‘staging’ presents properties at their most versatile to secure buyer interest and ultimately the best sale price possible.

Sue Walker explains:

I’ve launched Elegant Interiors to offer the ideal interior design solution for those people who may have busy lives, need inspiration or simply just don’t enjoy the decorating process – whether that relates to home they want to live in or a home they want to sell.

Interior designs and fashions are constantly evolving and after twenty years in the business I have seen a lot trends come and go, but home staging is something that is now a recognised way of securing a successful home sale in the US and it really does work. I have sold every one of my houses by staging them.

It’s beyond decorating and cleaning. It’s about creating the right environment for buyers. Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more loving and, best of all, it makes home buyers want it.

In addition to home staging services Elegant Interiors provides the full range of design services centred around providing classic style for modern lives, including everything from custom furnishings, window treatments and colour consultations to space planning, furniture placement, lighting and accessorising.

Sue adds:

Even after twenty years in the industry I love what I do and put client relationships above everything else. It’s about getting to know people, understanding what works for them and creating the perfect surrounding for their needs. Whether it’s functional or unconventional, relaxing or refreshing, no two projects are ever the same.

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