Plans announced to relocate Nidd Vale with site to become a Marks and Spencer

14 September 2011

Nidd Vale Group Ltd have today (14th Sept 2011) announced plans to relocate their business from Leeds Road to Knaresborough with the Leeds Road site to become a Marks and Spencer.

Harrogate-News have been aware of the developments for a number of months but agreed with the Nidd Vale Directors to refrain from publishing until plans were developed further. Details of the plans were leaked to the wider press and Nidd Vale has taken the decision to make a statement although this announcement is earlier than they would of ideally liked.

Neil Crossley, Managing Director said:

The directors of Nidd Vale have for some years been looking for an opportunity to potentially relocate the Leeds Road business to facilitate the trading of both their Harrogate sales and aftersales operations from a single location.

Earlier in the year an approach was made by a leading, award winning development company, St James Securities, to investigate the opportunities of developing the Leeds Road site and relocating the Nidd Vale business.

After a detailed strategic review of all opportunities available to Nidd Vale it was agreed to progress the proposals further in partnership with St James Securities. This would potentially provide the Nidd Vale business with  a up to date trading platform to protect existing jobs within the Harrogate district whilst, at the same time, creating new employment from the development of the Leeds Road site with partners sympathetic to the location and its business and residential neighbours.

Nidd Vale are delighted to confirm their plans are progressing well and it is hoped all surveys will be completed to submit a formal combined planning application, in conjunction with St James Securities, covering their Leeds Road development and new dealership facility at St Jame’s Business Park to Harrogate District Council during the fourth quarter of 2011.

Following significant early interest from a number of high street retailers, it is confirmed the preferred primary operator of the developed Leeds Road site would be Marks and Spencer plc, subject to the relevant planning consent being granted.

Nidd Vale have recently celebrated their 91st year of trading in North Yorkshire and look forward to many more years of successful trading from a purpose built, state of the art facility in Knaresborough to trade in conjunction with the existing Wetherby satellite operation.

Nidd Vale will be opening a consultation period in October where the general public will have an opportunity to comment on the plans.


  1. So we already have a co-op nearby. I seem to remember Sainsbury’s putting in a request to turn the milepost into one of their outlets. And now Marks want the old garage. There is surely not enough custom for three small supermarkets down a very short stretch…?

  2. As a Leeds Road resident living close to this site, I am absolutely delighted at the prospect of M&S replacing the rather unsightly car dealership! I can only see it as having a positive effect on the area and hopefully it might alleviate some of the parking issues outside the Leeds Road shops which are both inadequate and dangerous.

  3. Harrogate-News have been working with Nidd Vale for a while and have been aware of these changes for a number of months. After talking to the Directors we agreed to not publish. The story was then leaked by an undisclosed source to the other press in the area forcing Nidd Vale to make a statement before they were ideally ready to.

    In this situation the most appropriate thing is to give them a platform to explain, hence an item based mainly on their statement or a copy and paste as you said.

    There will be further details to follow of course.

  4. The quote from Nidd Vale is as they said it as we felt it was important that Nidd Vales words were given as you said, verbatim. There is limited editorial around it as we will be running a more comprehensive item when the plans are more fully developed. You need to keep in mind though that Harrogate-News relies on contributions from a number of sources, as do all news publications. The news items on the website vary from being written from scratch to a contribution that can be published (almost) in its entirety.

    Having the support of so many people providing news items is the backbone of the website.

  5. Why do we need yet another large retail shop in Harrogate and one that will be in a residential area and on one of the main arterial routes into and out of Harrogate. The junction at Leeds Road is busy at all times of day and surely an increased throughput of traffic will be the result of a new store. This would also lead to more parking problems for residents who live off Leeds Road.
    There are plans to build 1000’s of new homes in the Harrogate District, some on green belt sites. Why can’t new homes be built on both the Milepost and Nidd Vale sites. Surely housing for local residents is a priority over the corporate greed of the big retailers.
    I wouuld happily throw my support to any local residents groups opposing the planned development.

  6. I believe this to be fantastic news for the area, I welcome it. Marks and Spencers are of a quality and they will surely ensure this developement is absolutely right and fit the area perfectly. Better I believe than a lessor brand or this cheap new build housing that you see these days which may simply not fit the charcter of the housing around!? Well done to Nidd Vale and thank you for also having the local residents in mind while choosing a buyer!

  7. Nidd vale mention the centralisation of the nidd vale group, the mention of sales service and admin Leeds rd. Also serviceand parts dept hornbeam there is another department that has not been mentioned at hornbeam.could you cast any light on them?.

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