New outdoor fitness classes

14 September 2011

Henry Morris, a local Ultra-Marathon runner and personal trainer has recently set-up a new outdoor training programme called OutFIT.

Henry is an accomplished Athlete, competing in races ranging from 33 miles to 80 miles in one go. He is currently 52nd overall and 32nd man in the UK Ultra Distance championships.

Henry said:

About 5 years ago I was extremely unfit and 3 stone overweight. I decided enough was enough and sorted myself out, losing three stone in a year and completing my first half marathon.

The next year I ran three marathons in three days on very arduous terrain in West Wales and the next year I competed in my first ultra-marathon. Last year I completed several 50 milers and this year I am running in the UK Championships and doing respectably well. Next year I intend to complete my first 100 miler.

And now I want to help other people do the same. Not get them to run massive distances necessarily, but show them how rewarding and fun getting fit can be. And using my own example, show how even the most unfit person can turn themselves around.

OutFIT classes are different to other outdoor training sessions. The sessions are led by highly qualified personal trainers, are innovative and are fun.

Henry added:

We don’t shout at our clients, we encourage and coach them.

No two sessions are the same, and every month we have a monthly fitness test to see where our clients have got to and so that they can benchmark themselves throughout the year.

We follow something called the complete element cycle too, which sees the type of exercises and training we perform change throughout the year so that we adjust the training to fit with the environment and seasons around us. The first session is always free too.

The classes are being run on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm with a Saturday session due to start at the end of next month.

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