Consultation announced on the urban development of Harrogate

12 September 2011

Harrogate Council has announced a consultation period for new homes and investment in Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon.

A major public debate will take place on the future of the the main urban areas during Autumn.

Following general public support for its growth proposals, the Harrogate District Core Strategy was adopted in February 2009. The housing growth target of 390 new dwellings each year up to  2023/24 is a significant reduction from the previous growth rates and the housing build peak of 950 dwellings in 2001.

The growth strategy represents the lowest growth rate for the district since its inception 1974.

The strategy aims to provide much needed new homes in the area at affordable prices while balancing new employment and the provision of new or enhanced services.

Most of the growth will take place in Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon, but with the high level of  need for affordable housing in rural areas, there is a need for growth in smaller settlements as well. Consultation on where the growth should take place in the rural areas was undertaken during Autumn 2010 and that generated significant public comment and involvement.

Councillor Richard Cooper, Harrogate’s Cabinet Member for Planning, Transport and Economic Development, is keen to ensure that local residents have an opportunity to tell the council what they think about the potential growth in their area.


Councillor Cooper said:

On the 9th September we started an eight week consultation in the urban areas of Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon. Councillors and planners are eager to find out what residents and businesses think about the possibility of growth in their area. We have broad planning strategy for growth in the urban areas up to the year 2023/24 and now we are in the process of consulting on exactly where and when growth should take place.

That strategy recognises that for Harrogate and Knaresborough extensions to the built up areas in the broad locations west of Harrogate and east of Knaresborough would be required.

For Harrogate, two alternative ways of delivering the larger urban extensions have been put forward and in addition to commenting on the individual sites we are also looking for views on which of these two options people prefer.

The new coalition government is to make sure the growth of an area is complimented by benefits to the local community, which could include a number of local financial benefits to support such things as the provision of new primary schools, playgrounds and parks.

Richard Cooper has stressed that the council has put forward for discussion sites offering the potential for new housing but that local communities may have different views about where growth should take place.

Councillor Cooper added:

The key to the success of this debate is that we want to hear the views from as many people as possible.

In addition the council is putting forward ideas for measures that seek to improve the vitality and viability of the town and centres of Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon.

During the week commencing 12th September consultation newspaper will be delivered to households and businesses in the Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon areas.


21 Sept –  Harrogate Library, Victoria Room, 2pm to 7pm

1st Oct – Harrogate Library, Victoria Room, 10am to 3pm

29 Sept – Knaresborough House, Committee Room, 2pm to 7.30pm

8 Oct – Knaresborough House, Committee Room, 10am to 3pm

24 Sept – Ripon Town Hall, 10am to 3pm

6 Oct – Ripon Town Hall, 2pm to 7.30pm

For further reading

Public Consultation on Draft Policies to Manage Development and Preferred Sites for Growth in the Urban Areas

Responses are now being accepted

To submit your comments please download the relevant response form below and email to or print off and post to FREEPOST HG11, Department of Development Services, Harrogate Borough Council, West Grove Road, Harrogate, HG1 2ZR (no stamp needed):

Download the Urban Sites Response Form pdf file (200Kb) or Word file (300Kb)?

Download the Policies Response Form pdf file (200Kb) or Word file (230Kb)?





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