Tesco Superstore planning review meeting

6 September 2011


This story will be updated as the meeting commences.

14:30 – the meeting has just commenced to a packed Harrogate Council Chambers.

14:33 declaration of interests by Councillors

14:35 HSE have requested HBC to defer decision from today to September 2011. Tesco confirmed that the HSE meeting would not affect their declaration at this meeting.

14:41 Roof line (eaves) of Tesco’s will be 2metre above top of electric avenue roof line. Foot access to Electric Avenue will be a 2 year trial only

14:43 Explanation of plans continues including extra steel work to protect existing gas pipework

14:45 Tesco’s bench have two representatives (one Matt Magee)

14:47 Foot access on Electric Avenue between number 37 and 41

14:48 Environment Health present, NYCC Highways present

14:49 Objections speaking – massive increase traffic, no road improvement 14,000 extra movements, no extra capacity on A59, falsely proposed on reduced cross town traffic. Tesco needs 360deg catchment including Wetherby. Frightening extra traffic. Recommending an independent traffic survey, reject additional money offered by Tesco – concluding that recommends it be rejected

14:53 Brian Dunsby Harrogate Chamber of Trade is speaking

14:54 Expressing concerns over gas safety and referring to a 19 page report already submitted. 60-70 metre damage if the gas storage facility were to ignite

14:56 Brian Dunsby of Harrogate Chamber of Trade refusing to stop speaking after his allotted time

14:58 Member of public warned to stop speaking or she will be asked to leave the meeting. Member of public warned to stop speaking or she will be asked to leave.

14:58 Brian Dunsby appeals to the media to full cover his concerns

14:59 Brian Dunsby questioned over his concerns.

15:00 Questioned by Councillor over like for like of recent gas explosions not be a relevant comparison Further questioned on if proposed barriers are adequate but not given adequate response by Briand Dunsby.

15:02 Tescos speaking

15:03 Matt Magee speaking – Atkins report referred to does not apply. Not in interest to have traffic snarled up around store. Have take adequate measures on gas safety. 70% support from public

15:06 Questioned by Council – why declined to buy gas holder, Matt Magee said the land was not for sale and the facility is required by the Gas company

15:07 Tesco’s questioned on traffic volume by Council. Tesco confirm that they believe the traffic changes are acceptable -people will use local stores

15:09 Tesco’s questioned do they have store near roundabouts – replying that they do have 2 stores around about here to the room’s amusement – easing the tension in the room

15:11 Tesco’s – no plans for petrol station on site and 10 to 12 HGV deliveries per day

15:12 Council question if it is safe to turn off reversing sirens on HGV’s – Tesco’s confirm it is routinely done elsewhere

15:15 Tesco’s have engaged the same consultants as Massingberds to look at land pollution/ cyanide issues

15:21 Council request Tesco to stop roof parking at night to keep noise down – would be difficult to implement

15:25 Trolley Policy being discussed – will not be able to leave store area  due to wheel locks

15:27 District Council for Saltergate Webber:  an area of high unemployment this store is needed. North Yorkshire highways engineers – will be beneficial. C02 reduction gains.

15:30 Questions on the low-level of jobs being produced and would it be better for other use, Webber’s response but this is much better than existing.

15:31 People speaking for the plans continues

15:33 Lady asked to leave the meeting for continuing to speak out

15:35 NYCC no intention to try and include a park and ride at this site but it is being looked at elsewhere

15:38 There have been 22 Letters received from Electric Avenue – NYCC recommend restricted use of delivery yard

15:39 Traffic studies undertake in March 2007 but updated with traffic growth

15:41 Council questioned if 2 years is too long for a trial period of footpath to Electric Avenue – response that this is a sensible time

15:43 HGV access raised as a concern by councilor – NYCC confirmed it has been tracked and acceptable

15:44 HSE recommendation is advising against approval rather than rejection. Councillor questions if there were an incident at the gas facility if there could be a claim against HBC – chair confirms that would not be the case.

15:47 Councillor questions if the roundabout could be moved a little to make it easier to negotiate – and could Tesco’s do this

15:52 No bus stops will be lost although some will be relocated

16:02 Councillors continue to question NYCC officers over traffic

16:07 After 2 years residents of Electric Avenue can decide to keep footway and /or introduce a residence parking scheme

16:09 Tesco’s would pay for parking scheme however

16:21 Councillor Pat Marsh makes an impassioned speech that this scheme is not suitable for Harrogate

16:31 Another passionate speech from Councillor Reg Marsh saying that that this hasn’t been thought through as far as traffic

16:41 Final verdict APPROVED   11 for and 3 against with no abstentions


  1. So if ‘foot access’ is created in that location that mean those two houses will have the fun of people hanging around, and dropping ‘cheap’ booze in that area – bet they will love that. Also I am sure the ‘small’ shop on the same street will really love that as well.

  2. As Skipton Road is used as the main lorry traffic route just next to the new proposed Tesco location, will it really make any difference as there are tons of lorrys 24hrs a day pratically due to them not been able to go through killing hall.

    • Tesco’s said today there would be 10 to 12 lorries per day and they would be coming from the A1 Wetherby direction rather than through Killinghall due to regional distribution centres.

  3. As there are large petro lorrys go past to the gas storage facility all the time, as well as lots of other traffic – has there not always been the risk of something cashing into the wall and through to the complex ever since the gas facility got intalled.

    Especailly as there is a huge amount of traffic that goes around the round about next to one of the former gas cilinders, just behind the wall.

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