75th Anniversary Jarrow march to pass through Harrogate

28 July 2011

In 1936, 207 marchers walked almost 300 miles to lobby Parliament about the unemployment and poverty they were suffering. These intrepid folk passed through Harrogate en-route. In October this year the youth of Britain will mark the 75th anniversary of the Jarrow March by again visiting Harrogate. Recent figures have shown that the issue of unemployment still exists especially amongst youths. At present there are 965,000 16-24 year olds who are unemployed.

This year’s march, which is demanding decent jobs and a free education for young people, will visit Harrogate on 6th October 2011.

Harrogate Action the district wide non Party Political group, who’s aim is to “highlight the impact of the government’s austerity measures on the folk of Harrogate and demonstrate the alternatives to the cuts” will be organising the day, with entertainment on the evening and by providing accommodation and food for the marchers.

But, they need your help:-

Can you put up and feed a marcher on the night of Thursday 6 October ?

Support by attending the musical evening event ?

Or if neither of these are possible then they asking for a donation to help support the activities ?

Nigel Heptinstall interim chair of Harrogate Action said, “the youth have suffered particularly under this coalition Government’s austerity measures. They have lost the Educational Maintenance Allowance, University fees have reached astronomical levels and unemployment levels for our youth (16-24 year olds) is nationally for Feb-Apr 2011 895,000 (19.3%)1. We cannot allow a whole generation, of mainly the worse off in society, to be treated in this soul destroying way, we must voice our concerns, so please do all you can to support the day.”

Other activities planned by Harrogate Action in the near future is a public meeting featuring prominent local people representing the voluntary sector, non profit making organisations and trade unions to be held at the Catholic Club on 26 September together with a stall and leafleting campaign. Our next organisation meeting is at 8:15 on 1 August at the Catholic Club Robert Street Harrogate, if you support our aims you are welcome to attend. To find out more, or to offer your support, search the internet for Harrogate Action or email harrogateaction@gmail.com or telephone 01423 548683





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