‘Trouting’ about Yorkshire’s reservoirs

27 July 2011

There was something fishy about the visit of delegates from Krakow water company in Poland to two of Yorkshire Water’s reservoirs today (Wednesday 27 July). But there was nothing suspicious about their presence at Swinsty and Grimwith reservoirs, near Harrogate – the team were simply seeing first hand how Yorkshire Water manages its land resources for the benefit of customers, wildlife and the environment.

 Krakow water company delegates visit Yorkshire Water’s Swinsty reservoir to see fishery restocking in action. From L-R Colin Winterburn, site warden with the net, Roger Hyde from Yorkshire Water and Richard Langer, chairman of the Krakow water company


As well as watching 300 rainbow and blue trout being released into the fishery at Swinsty, the experts learned about how the company balances public access and recreation with the need to manage valuable and fragile environments.

The team from Krakow are exploring ways of successfully opening up access to reservoirs around their home city. It was the latest in a series of knowledge-sharing visits to Yorkshire from international water experts.

The 300 fish are the latest to be added to the company’s Washburn Valley fisheries as part of the company’s annual fishery restocking programme, Between March and October this year, 10,000 trout will be added – equivalent to the weight of 16,000lb or a male killer whale.

 One of three hundred rainbow trout released into Swinsty during the visit from Krakow water company

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