Mobile safety camera continues to catch speeders

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During the first week of operation of the mobile speed camera  (1 July to 7 July 2011)  the camera detected 418 speed violations.

Six high-speed offences were detected and the drivers will be summonsed to court. These include:

One at 112mph

One at 100mph

Three at over 96mph

One at 62mph in a 30mph zone

North Yorkshire will continue to carry out mobile safety camera enforcement on the following roads for the week commencing 21 July 2011.

  • A64 Malton to
  • A169 Goathland
  • B1427 Queen Margarets Road, Scarborough
  • B1460 Castle Road, Whitby
  • B1249 Staxton to Foxholes
  • A1039 Flixton
  • A61 area
  • A629
  • A56 Thornton In Craven
  • Silver Street, Barton
  • Leeming Lane, Catterick Village
  • A66 Gilling West
  • A6108 Darlington Road, Richmond
  • A684 Leyburn to Cumbria Border
  • B6255 Hawes to Ingleton
  • A65 Ingleton to
  • A1039 Flixton
  • A19 Crathorne
  • A64
  • A64 Hopgrove – Tadcaster
  • Beckfield Lane, York
  • Tadcaster Road, York
  • Malton Road, York
  • B1228 Grimston – Elvington
  • Huntington Road, York
  • Millfield Lane, York
  • Strensall Road, York
  • Stockton Lane, York

The mobile safety cameras will be in operation at the above sites at various times during the dates stated. Cameras will not be in use on the above routes all day, every day. The above locations were accurate when this news release was produced.

Due to operating constraints at some of our sites, our mobile safety camera locations may change on occasions without prior warning.


Please share the news


  1. Should set it up on Cold Bath Road…it is supposed to be 20mph but people are often doing at least 40 mph and buses and taxis are particularly naughty.

  2. SHould also set up in killinghall on Otley road rather than just ripon road. People use it as a race track!

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