New online forum for a healthy business mind

13 July 2011

Harrogate business speaker and parenting coach Angela Whitlock has combined her skills as a family adviser and business mentor to create a new online networking group that helps people cope with challenges both at work and home.

Angela, who is a regular commentator on parenting issues for Radio York, said she had kept her corporate and parenting work separate until now but recognised that the two often overlapped.

“Sometimes it can be difficult to know which is the most challenging role – running a business or being a parent,” said Angela, founder of the LinkedIn group My Business Mind.

“I have always differentiated between the two in my work but realised many of the skills I was teaching were the same.”

The group provides a forum for business people that allows them to discuss emotional resilience topics including managing emotions, coping with stress, creating healthy relationships and reducing procrastination.

“A healthy business mind is essential for managing and continually improving home and work life and I hope the group will give people the knowledge and confidence to improve their skills on both fronts,” said Angela.


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