Harrogate-based Ellis Bates Group has crowned the company’s ‘Biggest Loser’ – Chairman Peter Bates

11 July 2011

Mr Bates competed against 23 of his colleagues to win the charity weight loss programme.

Entrants in the competition paid to take part, with Ellis Bates Group matching the sum, resulting in a total of £240. The funds raised will be donated to the Breast Cancer Haven support centre in Leeds.

Over a period of six weeks the team members worked hard to slim down and get healthy, with the person who lost the largest percentage of body weight ultimately being crowned the winner.

Bates said: “I was surprised; I genuinely thought someone else would win.” Peter lost almost seven kilos, or 15.4llbs, over the course of the six weeks – the equivalent of almost seven bags of sugar.

“It’s all about the change in mental attitude. Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean that’s an excuse. I didn’t want to let the team down by not giving it my best. It was really quite simple once we’d started, but we needed the competitive element to get us going.”

Bates added: “The hardest part of the competition was getting used to feeling slightly hungry! But it was amazing how much sharper I felt by not eating a lot of processed food. I’d be really disappointed with myself if I put the weight back on.”

24 people took part in the challenge, and between them lost a grand total of six and a half stone.


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