Protest planned for “Independence FROM America” at NSA Menwith Hill

3 July 2011

The Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) are organising a peaceful protest outside Menwith Hill from 3pm to 8pm on the 4th July 2011. They are calling for support from the wider-public to go along and take part in this peaceful protest.

For information about CAAB see their website

Peter Tatchell (human rights campaigner) John Sloboda (co founder Iraq Body Count) and journalist and activist (convert to Islam) Yvonne Ridley will be speaking at this demonstration.

There will be a ‘line-up’ of musicians including the renowned folk singer Roy Bailey and Les Vagas and the International Playboys of Rhythm (Northern band). A public reading of the abridged version of the ‘Declaration of Independence FROM America’ will be read.

Peter Tatchell said: “I am proud to support the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases and look forward to joining the CAAB protest at Menwith Hill on 4 July.

“It is time the UK reclaimed its sovereignty and stopped kow-towing to the US.

“Britain hosts US military bases over which we have little control. Too often our government has supported unjust and illegal US wars. 4 July is US Independence Day.

“Let’s also make it a day when we demand: Independence from the US. Instead of following Washington, Britain should chart its own independent course, by promoting international peace, disarmament, cooperation and development. The British people need welfare, not warfare.”



  1. Some of us have better things to do with our time. Seriously what impact personally is it as individuals that these people are opposed to….is it all the jobs that they create for the British. Yes lets close the base down and see the jobless numbers rise at the job centre…….bright sparks!! They’ve been protesting for years and it’s made not difference…..might as well just cut their losses!!

  2. So we are expected to roll over and have our tummy tickled, just let the USA do as they wish in what used to be our country? There are so many invasions of GB in so many ways now, this is just one of many. What worries many people is why do our so=called governments keep British people in the dark regarding the reason for Menwith Hill. I remember the time when protesters lived in caravans outside the site, families with children, I have nothing but respect for these protesters. Why should we allow this sort of thing to go unchallenged? This country is becoming more sinister by the day and it worries me – I used to believe that the powers that be had integrity – well no longer.

    • You do know many British work there now there is only a handful of Americans working there these days, and half the stuff that goes on has nothing to do with american anyway, its mainly funded by them and that’s about it

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