CrossFit HG3 Prepares Harrogate Woman For Gruelling Everest Trek

2 July 2011

A 52 year old Harrogate women has enlisted the help of Harrogate’s newest gym to get her in shape for a charity challenge later this year.

In October, Jackie Terry-Schumann, from Oakdale, will be part of a team of ten women taking part in a trek to the base camp of Everest, which is more than 5,300 m above sea level.

Jackie Terry-Schumann with CrossFit HG3’s Peter Davis (left) and Andy Ruddick


The team is raising money for women for Women International UK, which works with women in war-torn countries who have experienced untold brutality, helping them to re-build their lives.

To help her in her quest, Jackie has recruited Andy Ruddick and Peter Davis – who opened CrossFit HG3 on Pannal Business Park, in April – to get her into shape.

CrossFit is favoured by military special operations units, champion martial artists, emergency services and professional athletes worldwide. It is also suitable for people of all ages and all abilities and the pair are keen to promote their venture as “family friendly”.

The pair have designed a programme specific to Jackie’s needs, combining strengthening and conditioning, to help her in her forthcoming task.

Jackie, who has pledged to raise £10,000 for her cause, said: “Even though I run regularly and have completed the Great North run four times, I recognised I needed to get fitter for the trek.

“Having read about CrossFit, I decided to seek Peter’s and Andy’s help. In just a few weeks the difference in my strength and stamina is amazing. I feel fitter, I’ve lost a few pounds and the flab is turning to muscle.”

Andy Ruddick said: “CrossFit is ideal for people for all ages and fitness levels. It finds all the weak spots and strengthens them. With the Everest trek, walking at altitude will present its own problems, hence us improving Jackie’s stamina.

“By the time October comes, Jackie will be at the peak of her fitness and more than able to complete her challenge. We are delighted to be helping her.”

CrossFit HG3 are planning a fundraising Ladies Day competition to help Jackie reach her £10,000 target.

Further details about Jackie’s quest – and her fundraising efforts – can be obtained from her blog at



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