A61 Re-route of Station Parade – not recommended says County Council Report

North Yorkshire County CouncilThe North Yorkshire Country Council have completed their review on the A61 Re-route of Station Parade and published a full report with recommendations that will go forward to the Harrogate Area Committee.

The report took into consideration many factors but has reported that over 87% of people strongly disagreed with the scheme. It recommends that further studies are made to give a more considered approach.

The report notes the lack of local support for the scheme, but also the concern locally for traffic issues.

In summary the recommendations of the report are:

– Formation of a working group with Harrogate Borough Council to develop a wider strategy around town centre traffic

– Feasibility study for a park and ride

– Feasibility study  for a Rail stop East of the current station

This is not a final decision. The report will be reviewed by the area committee  with a recommendation being made before a final decision by the North Yorkshire County Council Executive on 8th July.

The full report can be viewed here



  1. Very pleased to see that this scheme has not been given the go ahead. I’m still at a loss to understand why it was being considered in the first place but at least it has drawn attention to the fact that there are more pressing traffic problems in Harrogate.

  2. By some strange conincidence – someone is meant to be wanting to build shops across so no cars been there would help their shops ;) – makes you think that someone only came up with the re-route so that these new shops would work otherwise traffic would be to busy and not many people would cross to go to them ;)

  3. Perhaps if they sorted out the congestion on Skipton Road less people would drive through the town centre (me included).

  4. What’s a park and ride got to do with re routing the A61 and the level of traffic – most of which is through traffic. Harrogate town centre does not have a traffic problem and the town is too small for a park and ride. Why are official bodies like councils so blind? The number one traffic issue is Skipton Road. Sort that NYCC rather than waste any more of our money on prolonging this study!

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