Local MP tackles healthy eating with rugby star Matt Dawson

27 May 2011

MP for Harrogate & Knaresborough, Andrew Jones, sponsored a reception in the House of Commons last week for the launch of a new British Hospitality Association (BHA) report on healthy eating. This report included a survey covering 10,000 UK hotels and restaurants who have been working towards offering healthier food options to consumers. Keynote speakers at the reception included Health Minister Earl Howe and former England rugby player and Healthwise Ambassador Matt Dawson.

(left to right) Former England rugby player and Healthwise Ambassador Matt Dawson, British Hospitality Association Chief Executive Ufi Ibrahim and MP for Harrogate & Knaresborough Andrew Jones

Mr Jones said: “The hospitality sector is critical to our nation. Almost 2.5 million people work in this sector – that makes it the fifth largest sector in our economy. If we want people to make healthier choices in the UK, it is vital that the hospitality industry lead the way and provide an environment in which people can make informed, balanced choices for a healthier lifestyle.”

The new BHA report supports government initiatives to promote healthy eating and tackle the problem of obesity. As a result of the report, many businesses have signed up to key healthy eating pledges including reducing salt, providing calorific information and removing trans fats.

Speaking at the reception, Healthwise Ambassador Matt Dawson said: “Education needs to be out there for people to understand all these pledges. It is all well and good us saying low in sugars, low in fats, low in salts, let’s get all the labeling right for the calorific value, but people need to understand why.”


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