West Yorkshire Police reveal fewer victims of crime in the county

20 May 2011

West Yorkshire Police

Overall levels of crime continue to fall within West Yorkshire and more residents are satisfied with how local police officers deal with issued within their communities West Yorkshire Police Authority can reveal.

The performance of the Force was being scrutinised by the Strategic Performance and Planning Committee this morning in Wakefield.

Between January and March 2011 there were almost 1000 fewer victims of crime compared with the same period in 2010 and almost 80% of residents have said they are satisfied with the way antisocial behaviour is tackled where they live.

The committee has also revealed that well over half of all residents believe the police do a good or excellent job in their local area and that over 1000 fewer victims of assault have been reported.

The most serious violent crimes have also reduced by almost 10% and almost 40% of these offenders are brought to justice.

Committee members are continuing to monitor the levels of burglary within West Yorkshire and the work which is ongoing to combat the problem and again we are seeing fewer victims compared with last year. Burglary is down 4.1% and overall acquisitive crime which includes burglary, robbery and vehicle crime has fallen by 3.3%. This is 1599 fewer victims of crime.

It is the role of the committee to monitor how savings are being made in order to meet the reductions in budgets over the next few years and the £15m which was needed to be saved in the last finacial year has been achieved.

Chair of the Committee Ann Liston said: “The performance of the Force is closely monitored by the committee to ensure that people who live and work within West Yorkshire’s communities receive the best possible service from their police force.

“It is always pleasing for us to be able to talk about reductions in crime therefore fewer victims, however there is always work which can be done to improve this even further.

“It is important that we can continue our scrutiny role but also work alongside the Force so we can actively ensure residents have confidence in their local police officers.”


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