Fire alert in Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors

21 April 2011

North Yorkshire Fire ServiceVisitors to the Yorkshire Dales National Park and North York Moors over the Bank Holiday weekend are being asked to be particularly vigilant to reduce the risk of moorland and grassland fires. With the warm weather set to continue over the holiday weekend, the risk of a fire is becoming a concern.

Fire risk warning notices are being put up around the National Park today (Thursday 21 April 2011)

Peter Hudson, group manager for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “It’s extremely important that visitors to the countryside take special care to prevent fire.

“We obviously want people to come and enjoy the Yorkshire Dales and Moors over the Bank Holiday weekend, but we would urge them to do what they can to help us prevent a fire from breaking out,” he said.

“Visitors should avoid lighting fires on or near the moorland and should not discard cigarettes, matches or glass bottles.

“If they see a fire, they should report it quickly to the fire service so that they can take appropriate action.”

“We attend nearly 100 fires on moorland and woodland every year, and most of these can be prevented. Moor fires are difficult to put out and can sometimes burn for weeks.

“This is a huge drain on our resources and causes untold damage to the countryside.”

To help prevent fires, visitors are reminded:

· Do not light any fires or barbecues on or near the moorland area.

· Put out smoking materials carefully and take all litter, especially glass containers, home with you.

· If you come across a fire dial 999 and inform the fire service immediately.


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