Help in the search for the Chestnut click beetle

12 April 2011

The Chestnut click beetle (Anostirus castaneus) is only found at two locations in Britain: an area of soft cliffs on the Isle of Wight and at Birk Crag near Harrogate.

On Saturday 23 April the Invertebrate Conservation Trust, Buglife are running a survey, in conjunction with Harrogate Borough Council, to look for the beetle at Birk Crag and confirm that it is still present there.

Chestnut Click Beatle
Chestnut click beetle (Anostirus castaneus) © Ian Middlebrook

The Chestnut click beetle is an elusive beast, it has not been seen at Birk Crag for a number of years and is usually found on hot sunny days, so a bit of luck with the weather is needed!

This survey will suit people within easy reach of Harrogate as we may reschedule the date if the weather forecast does not look good. No previous beetle expertise is required as this is a distinctive species and there will be specialists taking part who can help with identification. A keen eye and a spare afternoon are all that’s needed.

If you would like to join us in the hunt for this beetle please email Buglife.


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