Harrogate Theatre to join Arts Council National Portfolio

30 March 2011

Harrogate Theatre has announced that it has been awarded funding as part of the new Arts Council, England National Portfolio of Funded organisations.

Whilst the three-year funding period from 2012/13 – 2014/15 starts with a 4% decrease in funding, over the three years it increases by 5% to equate to a standstill grant.

David Bown, Chief Executive of Harrogate Theatre said: “We are delighted to receive this recognition from Arts Council, England and we can continue to be a Theatre that is at the heart of the community of Harrogate & District. We have always acknowledged that these are difficult financial times and this news is tempered by the fact that difficult choices have had to be made regarding our colleagues across the sector.

We are looking forward with confidence to developing Harrogate Theatre’s reputation as a vibrant and successfulorganization”

Arts Council, England said in their assessment: “They (Harrogate Theatre) have succeeded in their specific aim of attracting audiences from broad sectors of society, which is underpinned by an exemplary education and outreach programme.”

They also added: “(Harrogate Theatre) would contribute well to a national picture of funded organisations which is balanced across size, type, artform, geographical spread, diversity and contribution to our goals.”



  1. I guess the crazy thing is that on the BBC Northern News yesterday they said that Harrogate Theatre was NOT going to get any money!

    • Over the next few years there is a reduction followed by an increase, so overall the grant has been described as a standstill grant.

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